bl2 jarred's 4 player difficulty mod

Can anyone help me and tell me if this mod (jarred’s 4 player difficulty) affects loot? like legendary drops or unique?
Because in the game itself it says that more players = more loot and when you have the mod active with 4 player difficulty and someone tries to join you it says the server is full.

Thanks for all the helpers!

Sounds fishy

I’m assuming this is a PC mod - might want to specifically mention that, as mods on consoles are verbotten.

That doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m guessing that the mod just sets the memory location for “number of players” to four. If you want four-player difficulty but still want players to be able to join your lobby, use the well-known gate glitch.

If you want to have someone join you, they need to join your game first, before activating the mod; no need to use the gates.

More players affects loot quality indirectly. Instead of getting more drops you are actually less likely (I am serious) to get some loot per killed enemy. However, there will be more enemies and badasses which overall makes you more likely to find good loot as you have more chances.
Unique boss drops (Legendary, Blue Unique, Head/Skins, whatever) however are NOT affected. However, they do drop more random guns which may be Legendary (naturally with a very very low chance)

If you wish to use this tool have all players join first before changing the scale to 4 or just use the infamous glitch.

It says “better loot” actually. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a significant change in drops. Tougher enemies spawn more often, and they have better drops. But I usually don’t get too excited if an enemy drops a green instead of a white. :smile:

The game says a couple of things in the loading screens that aren’t quite accurate.

If it’s the mod I’m thinking of, you have to activate it before someone else joins you. If someone is going to join you, then you need to set the players to 4 minus the number of players joining you (e.g. for 1, it’ll be 3. For 2, it’ll be 2, etc.).

The slider? I’ve always had people join first, before the slider scans the player value. Otherwise it won’t let them join.