BL2 Keeps Crashing!

I know this is an issue amongst many of us, but my game doesn’t just crash… the whole Vita freezes up and won’t respond do anything, forcing me to hold the power button down for several seconds to do a forced shutdown… That can’t be good for my Vita!

I really love this game, but now that I’m in higher level areas I’m getting 3 - 5 crashes (freezes) a day! None of my other games have ever done this before. I wanna be able to play without worrying if it’s going to break my Vita…

Please fix this!

As far as I know, BL2 for the Vita isn’t even being touched anymore. Sorry man. I had the same problem til’ I moved on to other platforms.

Pleas fix it game keeps crashing can’t even farm or do missions PLEASE FIX THIS