BL2 lag in backpack and shops

So when i load my game and go into my backpack or any shop my framerate drops to like nothing and lags so much i cannot even move my cursor to do anything. I have tried uninstalling and reinstaling and resyncing my save file and nothing seems to fix this issue. Any ideas on a possible work around?

I’m getting the same problem…Especially in my inventory section.

Same here. Hopefully BL2 on X1 gets support so this nonsense can get fixed. TPS is fine in the menus (screen tearing aside).

Don’t know about consoles, but this happens sometimes on my PC too

Yeah, I hate using vending machines and inventories now. Goes for your eyes after a while too.

So I found a quick fix that I don’t know how long it will work or how many times it will work. But I loaded a 60fps game on my xbox one. I used rayman which is 60fps I payed it for like a minute then we back to fresh booting bl2 and it fixed the fps issues

That’s cool. I have Rayman on my xbox one, might have to give it a go :slight_smile: