BL2 Last DLC Not Downloading, Taking Me To Store

i have handsome collection on xbox and im trying to download the last dlc but it keeps taking me to the store and to buy it was it only free for some time? or is there a code?

It was free till 8th July I believe

It was free for a month. No you need spend some cash if you want play.

oh no so why does it say free in game if it isnt anymore? ■■■■ then

thanks anyway guys guess im not doing it then

I have not checked the cost (got it for free on Day 1 :slight_smile: ), but I think it’s worth it just for few easy farmable bosses, Uranus and Cassius. Effervescent gear is pretty nifty too, and it also provides a good bridge to BL3, story-wise.

Keep an eye out for deals on it - it’s a great DLC, fills in the gap between TPS/Tales and BL3. Oh yes, also has neat loot as @CharmlessBee pointed out - how could I forget that?

Happened to me too. This is false advertising. It says explicitly on the box that ALL content is included. Hell the check for available downloads screen still says free.

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