BL2 Legendary Hoarder Class Mod Build

What would be the best build for Salvador using the Legendary Hoarder Class Mod?
(I like to use the grog-DPUH as my primary form of damage)

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If you’re primarily going for damage with pistols I recommended a suave renegade class mod + sheriffs badge for added pistol stat increases . Only switch to hoarder mods for ammo regeneration when you really need it and while Gunzerkering because it seems to benefit from it too.

This build is pretty much what I run with when I use Legendary Hoarder. But you’ll need to rethink the type of weapons that you use to make the most of a Hoarder class mod. Ideally you want weapons that use one round per shot and have as large a magazine as you can get to ensure that 5 Shots or 6 triggers more often giving you infinite magazine.

This makes DPUH inferior to any other Unkempt Harold to abuse this system. I personally prefer Intense then Hard prefix. But there are even better weapons to abuse this mechanic with. Lead Storm for example has a large magazine and fires one round per shot but that shot splits into two projectiles over distance. Kitten is another AR that fires 3 projectiles per shot and heals. Slagga also fires three projectiles per shot. Single barreled shotguns like the Heartbreaker can put in some serious work. My favorite, the Omen, fires one round per shot and can abuse the Hoarder mechanic as well. Or go for explosion noise and run a Topneaa and watch the endless rockets fly.

To run Hoarder effectively you need to break out of your comfort zone (i.e., DPUH and Grog) and begin experimenting with other weapons. Just be aware that whatever weapon you want to abuse 5So6 with that weapon is in your main hand.

The key DPS buff in a Hoarder build will be 10/5 Lay Waste. Mobs will melt away with this active. It’s also good to run a second pair of weapons that can abuse Money Shot and/or No Kill Like Overkill to start the onslaught then swap to your Hoarder set of weapons.

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