BL2 Leveling/help

I have been struggling a lot in UVHM with my Krieg. Got him to level 56, using hellborn build. But I am looking for some other people to level with or anyone that wants to help me get to OPs. Post PSNs or add me; Makavelli022. I am free all the time, and am on usually once or twice a day.

Still need help leveling?

yo can u help me with power lvling im lvl 12 i want lvl 72

Psn is drinkingcloud

I should be on today it may not be until about 1 am central time though.

Hello, would it be possible for you to help me level my character too thoughtlessproce? My PSN is Stargazerx9. I’m trying to level my gunzerker.

I tried to add you, but your psn didn’t work

Sorry, it’s Stargazex9; accidentally pressed R.

You may have to add me I can’t find you