BL2 Lover, Finally Giving This a Go

I tried playing this on 360, and it just felt underwhelming, and I quickly went back to BL2. Now i’m on Xbox One, and having rinsed BL2 from the Handsome Collection, I felt I should maybe give this another try. I have a level 6 Doppelganger, and a level 4… don’t know the class name, Athena.

I have been further than that, I remember getting to around the 20s with Wilhelm and Claptrap, and I got frustrated by a section where I had to do lots of space platforming on to very tiny areas, which just got me so annoyed, I think I gave up!

Welcoming any tips, this will be a long road for me to get into this, I think.

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  • Scaling is softer, so great gear will last you a bit longer than in BL2.
  • Oxygen will rarely be something that you need to prioritize, minus a couple of low-capacity Oz Kits, and running through an oxygen vent as you’re playing will usually be enough to get you to your next O2 opportunity.
  • People often forget about cryo when dealing with badass enemies. A frozen enemy can’t shoot back!
  • Deadlift is probably the toughest early boss in any of the Borderlands games. Bring a shock weapon!
  • You’ll notice a lot of repeat legendaries and some repeat uniques, but most of them have been given some small tweak. Try 'em out even if you think you’ve already used it before!
  • Items of the Day are almost always at least a blue (by the time you hit level 10 or so), so remember to check those vendors whenever you pass by. You never know what great weapon or gear might be waiting for you!
  • Most bosses cannot be frozen, but if they are hit with a cryo DoT, they will move more slowly and still be vulnerable to melee, explosive, and critical damage. Take advantage!
  • You’ll need to do a lot of side missions, since there are some pretty big jumps in story mission level. Find the ones you like, so you’ll know what to do with other characters as you level them up!

Most of all, remember to have fun with it. There are some significant differences between TPS and BL2, but both are very enjoyable experiences.


Many thanks for the tips. Good to know I may not need to replace things quite as frequently. I have just reached Concordia with my Doppelganger, so I think I have already dealt with Deadlift, is that right?

RE: Deadlift

Janey ALWAYS gives a shock weapon as reward for one of the sidequests prior/during the active quest to kill Deadlift, make use of it.

Pre sequel really is a great game. Never understood the hate. I mean its borderlands, you are collecting loot, building your character, fighting bosses and enemies, doing quests. Just like borderlands 1 and 2. Pre sequel just does certain things different. Its got everything you can ask for in a borderlands game. Just not as much content as borderlands 2. The playable characters are also some of the best in the series.


Well when I played it before, it just felt like a reskin without the content to warrant it. However, i’m open to trying again.

On another note, I got my first Legendary!

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Congrats. Yea its very simular to bl2. But is that a bad thing? Its got enough of new features to make it feel fresh. Well, it did for me anyway.

@rush86 How the hell do I get this Stingray across this gap!? It seems impossible

Edit: Nevermind, randomly by spamming the bumpers I managed it :smiley:

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Yea you have hit the boost at the very top of that jump to when you cleared it a little.

Right, so I just left it after killing the Bosun and then getting that secret chest as well. I remember the Bosun being a pain but this time he wasn’t such a big deal.

I completely agree; I consider TPS to be a better game than BL2. Too bad there’s less content…

Vinterbris, welcome to Elpis! :smiley: Timothy and Athena are both excellent choices.

Following up on farsight37’s tips, this game actually does have an economy. The items of the day are good, but you may have trouble affording them if you work the grinder a lot. Every legendary I’ve seen has cost more money than I had; on the other hand I’ve gotten a couple of legendaries from the grinder so it balances out.

Stingray jumps - it helps to aim up a bit when you boost. This also applies to your personal Oz kit. At first I thought TPS had the double-jump mechanic I’ve seen in other games (Wildstar most recently), but Oz kit boosts are directional so boosting slightly upwards can be useful in places.

Another interesting difference between TPS and BL2 is that the game saves your progress a bit better. For example if you’re trying the “I Can Do This Alone” map challenge, if you’re going to fail it you can quit and restart and the half of the map between the spawn point and the start of the challenge will be empty so you don’t need to fight through the same enemies over and over again.

You mean RedBelly, right? I never had any trouble with Deadlift, but killing RedBelly without dying is very difficult, and I have never done so without going into FFYL.

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I must say, of the two, Deadlift was more annoying for me personally. But maybe because i’m using the Doppelganger, it’s easier than perhaps it would be with others?

I had a question about Fragtrap. I used him on 360 until the 20s (ish) and I remember his action skill being somewhat frustrating because you can’t choose what happens. Is he a viable solo character? I got the impression he was more of a co-op character, but I do love the idea of using him. I play solo, which is why I picked Doppelganger to do my first run with. His middle tree just looks frigging amazing.

Every character in the pre squel is great solo.

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If you are a solo player the pre- sequel is for you. You can beat everything solo without help, perfect for people who don’t have others who play the game. The game is just challenging enough for a solo player.

Weird. My Jack got all three of the Deadlift challenges, but took a knee against RedBelly.

Claptrap works fine solo. I treat the action skill as a panic button where the point is the instant heal. If a useful package (Pirate Ship Mode!! :smiley: ) comes up, great, if not, I’ll make do. Even if that means cursing the funzerking package yet again…

The problem I had with Claptrap is that its skills severely overdetermine the weapons you want. The left tree basically wants a Ravager with a mag size of 8 (more generally, explosive is good, two shots per reload is good, and mag size 8+ is good). The middle tree wants elemental damage for Maniacal Laughter, and I was rarely able to get any use out of that. I got as far as You’re Going To Love Me! before retiring the character because there really wasn’t anything left I was looking forward to on the skill tree.

Contrast with Jack and all the awesomeness in all three trees! I’ll be looking forward to every skill point all the way to 70.