BL2 Low FPS on GTX 1070

Hey guys,

I have played for hundreds of hours, but have recently upgraded to a GTX 1070. My previous cards were a GTX 770, which would lag from time to time and a R9 290 which I assumed lagged occasionally due to PhysX. But now on this new card I am still experiencing low fps.

In certain scenes, fps drops to 20-30 fps with GPU usage below 40%. My CPU is an i7-4790k so that shouldn’t be an issue either. My settings are all cranked to max including PhysX.

Any ideas of what could be causing this? I am on the latest Nvidia drivers.

In your driver setup, what do you have set to handle the Physx? That CPU is no slouch, but if it’s assigned to handle the Physx, try changing the setting so your card handles it.

[quote=“Penguinator67, post:1, topic:1545771”]…but have recently upgraded to a GTX 1070.

Which one? I have the Asus Strix and it has yet to go below 120 with PhysX set to medium. My CPU is probably weaker than yours as well.

I assume my drivers defaulted to the correct settings as outlined by @Adabiviak, but if you get a handle on this an update would be nice since drivers can be mutable matter.

I had no idea you could change PhysX to use your CPU or GPU. I always thought it would default to the GPU. Might explain my screen will freeze sometime in graphic intense fights and I fix by doing a quick CTRL+ALT+Delete, then ESC to unfreeze my screen.

If it’s set to “auto”, it should, but this shouldn’t be happening in the first place, and it’s an easy check.

That’s weird (and I’m even more weirded out that the fix you outlined works). Does the sound/game continue normally while the screen is frozen, or does the game itself freeze? I can get the game screen to pause while I hear the game continuing in the background, but I’ll have like three web pages open, a number of different Explorer windows, Windows Movie Maker will be in mid-edit of something that I just captured with Shadowplay (which is still on manual and DVR mode), and I’m alt-tabbing between these with abandon, but it still catches up after a second or so. If I just run the game without quite as much other stuff, I don’t experience this.

I really don’t think that any of our systems are somehow being brought to their knees with the game’s requests for work, but something at a lower level, like circumstances peg some limitation of the game engine (I’ll get brief (like three seconds) of slowdowns to ~40 fps maybe once a week at pretty random intervals) or the game itself (I get lots of erratic pauses in the Subconscious map of TPS, where the rest of TPS plays just fine) is the source of these.

I do have the post processing set to Ryan though (I just prefer the way it looks), but just changed it to Cinematic to give that another spin.

PhysX is set to be handled by the GPU in Nvidia control panel.

GTX 1070 Strix as well. Albeit the non-OC version. Excellent card so far, never even passes 60 degrees.

I’m usually hovering around 120 fps in most areas, but others seem to be poorly optimized to me. In the forge, for example, I dropped to 30 fps while my GPU was sitting below 40% load. I have no doubt that if the GPU was at 100% load it would be at least over 60 fps. This with PhysX set to medium.

EDIT: Also uninstalled drivers using DDU and upgraded to the latest drivers as of 2016-09-07.

Have you tried GeForce Experience? You could just install it to see what settings it recommends to change to optimize BL2, and then uninstall if you don’t want GE around. I use all it’s optimized settings except for PhysX, which I lower so loot doesn’t fall through the floor.

Yeah it’s just the screen that freezes, the game does continue on normally. I wonder if it has something to do with playing in windowed mode instead of full screen mode (I hate when the screen minimizes when I alt+tab to other windows)?

I have the same issue with my i7 6700K + Zotac GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme. BL2 is one of the main games I wanted to experience at max settings with high PhysX on this PC I just built after playing on console for 1000+ hours. I’m so sad about this. Battleborn has absolutely no issues at max settings with high PhysX, though. It runs wonderfully.

Really, how often does it slow down? It’s one thing if your rig just cannot play with Physx on high, but it’s another if it dips to 30fps for a moment once every few days.