[BL2] Low Level Legendary Trading (Up To Lvl. 20)

Hey Peoples,

Title kinda says it all, I’m looking for low- to mid-level legendaries to help speed me through leveling on PS4. I’ve been farming the loot midgets so I have a fair stock of legendaries, just nothing I want…

I got all I’m looking for now, but if anyone is interested in the stuff I got, lemme know, I’ll gladly drop what I’ve got left. I’ll update the list when I have a second.

Have: (Level in Parentheses)
Legendary Mechromancer (20)
Infinity (6) (9)
Gunstock Maggie (18)
Unkempt Harold (8)
Invader (19)
Sledge’s Shotgun (20) Electric Sledge’s (19)
Madhaus (19)
Hellfire (9) (18) (20)
Logan’s Gun (18)
Slagga (17)
Pandemic (17)
Storm Front (17)
Nasty Surprise (17)
Rolling Thunder (20)
Deliverance (17)
Kerblaster (3) (17)
Pitchfork (18)
Emperor (19)
Fabled Tortoise (8)

I know a lot of them are kinda junk (Invader), but there;s some decent stuff that might interest some. If interested, shoot me a message!

Thanks for Looking

The legendary gunzerker mod only drops when you are level 61 or above. The legendary berserker Class mod is the one you are probably looking for. I have a DP unkempt harold, legendary berserker and infinity at level 25

PSN: Mini_Holmesy

Thanks, I was trying to indicate any legendary class mod for a gunzerker, forgetting about the legendary gunzerker mod… And thanks for the reply, I added you on PSN

Nice idea for a thread. I’m on Xbox so can’t contribute here but maybe we need a thread like this :slight_smile:

I started one for PC a while back, worked really well. It’s always nice having legendaries to power through the lower levels