Bl2 lyuda or norfleet

Only have enough VIP points for one of these weapons. Which one is better? Obv they are two different styles. But which would be the better purchase. I use axton

Personally I would go Norfleet for the simple fact that it’s a far more difficult farm than the Lyuda. That said, I probably use the Lyuda far more often than the Norfleet. With Axton I rarely use either, but could likely farm a Lyuda within an hour. The Norfleet could potentially take far longer to farm.


norfleet of course , just use a suboptimal lyuda it will get the job done anyway

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Norfleet, just hope you don’t get a slag one like I did :sob:

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Like the others have said, Norfleet.

What I’d REALLY like is for them to add a few more BL3 items to the list, and not limit them to level 10 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ended up being a x3 slag one haha