BL2 multiple characters

Hi guys first I’d like to say I enjoy this game so much that bought it 3 time. (360,ps3,ps4) when on the the ps3 version to save time and improve loot drop chances I would load up one of my other characters and leave it safe in a corner. After a few levels I would then swap over and play the other character it was useful when I didn’t enjoy the characters unique skill but still wanted to give them a go (zero). Unfortunately this has been removed on the ps4 version is there a reason?

This is not just a Borderlands problem, but PS4 in general. You can no longer play split-screen on the same PSN account in any game, which is wildly frustrating and greedy by Sony, they already make us pay for the subscription but now if you want to play 2P you need a second account.

Ah I see thanks for the quick reply.

If you are trying to increase your loot chances, then there is a way to glitch your game into four-player mode. Basically accomplishes the exact same thing as having 4 players in the lobby - increased badass spawns, increase total enemy spawns, but better drops.

Basically if you travel to Hayter’s Folly and have the raid boss mission active, then you just have to go up to the gate where you enter the arena (don’t open it, just walk really close to it). As soon as the thing pops up in the top of your screen saying "You have discovered _____ " (don’t remember what the name of the place is), then your game should be in four-player mode.

Edit: Apparently it may have been patched, but in the event that it still works, here’s a youtube tutorial on how to do it:

I don’t understand why somthing like this would be patched out or why it wouldn’t just be an option on the menu. Thanks tho I’ll give it a shot

Yeah, a lot of people didn’t like it when the patch was released. But technically it’s still a bug, and bugs dooo need fixing. Maybe they’ll add an offline difficulty slider on consoles for Borderlands 3.

Because solo players unaware of the glitch (including me) would run too close to that gate during story mode, and suddenly have enemies spawning in the next area on four player difficulty. If you were already a bit under-levelled for the mission, this was really bad news.

Do you still play on the PS3 I’d love to play with you although I don’t have a mic

My ps3 is in cold storage at the minute but I might pull it out to get a game with you what’s your gamer tag?

I play regularly on PS3 always looking for ppl to join with