[BL2] Nerfing/Buffing/Balancing Salvador the Gunzerker's Skill Trees


  • Quick Draw – Weapon Swap Speed PL: +7% --> +9%
  • All I Need Is One – Shot gets an additional bonus of +0.2% per level multiplied by the weapon’s clip size.
  • Money Shot – Minimum magazine size for full bonus: 10 --> 15


  • Filled to the Brim – Magazine Size PL: +5% --> +8% ; Ammo Carrying Capacity PL: +3% --> +5%
  • All in the Reflexes – Melee Damage Bonus PL: +4% --> +8%
  • I’m Already Ready – Cooldown Rate Bonus PL: +5% --> +7%
  • Yippie-Ki Yay – Cannot extend duration more than 12 seconds.
  • Get Some – Cooldown bonus per shot PL: -0.6 seconds --> -0.4 seconds


  • Hard to Kill – 1.5x the effect (2x for UVHM)
  • I’m the Juggernaut – Kill Skill Damage Resistance PL: +4% --> +8% (12% during UVHM)
  • Asbestos – Enemy Status Effect Duration PL: -8% --> -12%
  • Sexual Tyrannosaurus – Health Regen per second PL: +0.4% --> +0.8% (and it becomes +1.2% during UVHM)
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I don’t know what’s worse, your buffs or your nerfs. The devs intended you to be able to Gunzerk 100% of the time when they designed the Vanilla game. Not only are there blue and purple COMs that enable this, but it’s a tooltip in a loading screen. Your ‘nerf’ to Yippie Ki Yay not only completely trashes this ability, but it makes COMs that boost it pointless, since 5/5 = +3 seconds per kill, and four kills to max it out is pointless. To add to this, you make it harder to get Gunzerk back by weakening his cooldown ability. To be honest, I don’t even know if you were attempting to buff or nerf Moneyshot (A nerf as in the same damage bonuses but you need a mag of 15 instead of 12 to get that bonus, or a buff as in he gets even more damage for magazines of 13, 14 and 15 rounds). As for your skills that get better in UVHM, that goes against the point of UVHM - it gets more difficult, and it gets universally more difficult. Nobody has skills that are magically better in UVHM than they are in NVHM or TVHM. Nobody. While your buffs to Brawn are actually nice suggestions and would make him a better Moxxi-less tank (although Asbestos is pretty balanced as it is) it’s never going to happen. Hope you weren’t betting your piggy bank on an earth-shattering patch anytime soon.


While I agree with everything else you have said to a T, I need to point out that there actually are skills that scale differently in UVHM (LIke Krieg’s light the fuse which deals 6x as much damage in UVHM) :slight_smile:


Hey @Chuck80 ! Long time no chat. How ya been brother? how’s Dad life treating you? :slight_smile:

On topic: Well said, I agree with @stuarthome3. And to Chuck, I wasn’t aware of the 6x buff to Krieg in UVHM. I need to get back to Krieg. he’s sitting at level 53 and has been for years. lol

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Pretty well, thanks :slight_smile:

Nothing overwhelming mind you, just enough to make the skill usable :slight_smile:

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Wow, I’m glad they added that though. I’ve actually always liked that skill, I guess now I get why it stayed potent until 72 (Though I specced out of it for the Peak/OP Levels and just assume it to be awful)

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