BL2 no sound except for dev intro videos (linux)

Hi gearbox support,
I really would like to finally get around to play BL2, but there is no sound… Only the intro videos do have sound, everything else is muted. I disabled the “mute on focus loss” option, but that didn’t help.
Please tell me what to do, I really really want to jump right into this game…

Oh, and if it helps, I’m running Gentoo linux

for some reason my sound is starting to fail aswell with bl2 now… especially on the start up my sound crashes

ok, I fixed it finally. The problem is that steam uses certain libs which are either outdated or badly compiled (the later is just my hypothesis). So, in order to fix sound in BL2 and some other games, you need to do the following:
Enter your steam install directory, simply open a terminal and enter the following:

cd ~./steam/bin/steam-runtime

There, you need to “hide” the faulty/bad audio libs:

mv alsa-lib/ old-alsa-lib

In case you want to know where I got this from, check this post