Bl2 not about loot

No game can compete with BL for replay value. I recently tried replaying D2 and hated it. Most classics don’t age well. Doesn’t diminish their status…they just stop holding up at some point. Hasn’t happened to BL games yet. At all. Not even a little bit.

With all due respect, this member of the loyal opposition simply disagrees. Just my opinion but here goes…

Most of the games you mention are not FPS and c’mon…

Doom 2 better than BL2??? Yikes, not even close…at least to me.

And how many of your above list do you continue to play or at least keep playing as long as BL2?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the games you have mentioned are certainly classics…

But I disagree heartily that any you have listed are better than BL2…and have the longevity of BL2…and have the replay-ability of BL2…and just have the dollars for entertainment value BL2 has.

At least to me…

How many of those are first-person shooters? Doom 2? I love me some Doom, but I can get that action anywhere on Pandora with way more enemy types and ways to dispatch them with a single character using a generic weapon set, much less five others with functional melee, summon abilities, elemental damage, etc. I actually created a “Private Bitterman” character and lent him some weapons that were as close an analog to the Quake/Doom offerings… it was hilariously boring (although it did get a friend who wasn’t sure about Borderlands to give it a try).

Bioshock 1 and 2 have a fun weapon variety near the end game, but you really had to go out of your way to find enemies, much less an actual mob to use those weapons on.

Painkiller has great mobs, skills of a sort (the tarot cards), a good enemy variety, and a decent weapon variety… still nowhere near what’s available in Borderlands 2.

Crysis could be a contender if the suit wasn’t so soft (and we ignore the limited enemy and weapon types).

Serious Sam has great mobs with good enemy variety and an average weapon variety. Still nowhere near what BL2 has to offer.

Unreal 2: The Awakening makes a decent attempt at a good weapon variety with mobs here and there, but it’s still your basic space marine with no skills.

Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine isn’t bad: there are several characters to choose from (although their differences are mostly what gear they get to use which defines their role), the mobs are epic with a good enemy variety, the weapon variety isn’t bad, and you do get to build up skills of sorts. This lends itself to a fair amount of different (seriously different - some very effective, some very much not so) game play styles. It is co-op only though.

Still… really think about how many functionally different weapons (including shields and grenades) there are in Borderlands 2 (even if you don’t use them for whatever reason), how many different enemy types there are, how many different characters you can choose from, and among those, how many different ways you can build and arm those characters, plus all the extra mechanics (elemental damage, slag, melee, Fight For Your Life, different drivable vehicles with weapon options, critical damage, etc.) that you can optionally play with in combat.

I get the impression that there aren’t many players that are really digging into the available buffet here… they’re playing one, maybe two characters, using a single min/maxed build each with nothing but the best dozen or so pieces of gear the game has to offer. Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but it’s awkward to hear the game compared to, well, any other first-person shooter as if they were in the same league on the basis of combat variety.

Loot is just one of many variables that makes Borderlands 2 unparalleled among first-person shooters.

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Oh no BL2 is definitely the best game of its kind and I’m taking it to the max every character maxxed out or as much as I can get until BL3.:laughing:

I have to agree here. Borderlands 2 provides a structure and you can’t legitimately mod it much, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t allow you to stamp your own imprint on play! Even though you follow a set story, with a set number of backpack items and a finite number of skill points, there’s an immense capacity for creative and personal strategy… so yes loot is an important aspect but it’s way, WAY more than that.

In terms of FPS Borderlands is not actually my favourite game… the original Half Life probably takes that title. But, though I think Half Life is an exceptionally good game and it allows for a lot of community creativity, all the mods in the world aren’t likely to make me dedicate as much playtime to it as I have to BL2. As I say, the RPG aspect of Borderlands offers an immense array of strategic or imaginative decisions which make it YOUR game, even though modding is restricted.

The issue of different kinds of creative freedom in games is SO interesting. I personally prefer playing within a set of given rules. I feel a bit lost in G-Mod or Minecraft (though I maintain that’s cause my parents never gave me Lego). The game’s structure gives me something I can work with and against.

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In all fairness the question asked was about classic games- not just first person shooters. :sunglasses: I love RPG’s as a whole and I tend to see BL2 along those lines- a shooter for me is something like Doom, Call of Duty or Battlefield (and of those three, I’ve only played Doom). I still play Fallout 2, Doom 2 and any of the Civilization series to this day- and while I’ve been playing BL2 almost daily since July 2014, I would still have to more than double that number to approach the time I’ve invested in Civilization- I can honestly say that that my play time would amount to years in those games, both individually and as a whole…

OMG, I can’t tell you how happy I was when I discovered (mostly through this forum) the core of ‘real’ Borderlands gamers who understand its long term addictiveness. I live in fear that my phd supervisor will discover my playtime :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve played Civ 5 quite a bit but not really got into it - it requires challenging things like maths and… thinking ahead…


I Love when you can do that in a game, work with barriers such as ones in BL that have a little spot you can shoot through but enemy bullets can’t hit you, or (though I’ve never done it ) switching weapons like the flakker to reload quicker don’t know how anybody does that in the heat of hectic combat, not BL related, but the item glitch in Pokémon red/blue where you put the item in the 6th or 7th slot and surf on the east coast to find missingno. to have virtually unlimited items it was glorious when I found out how to do that at 10 years old I felt like a little hacker I went around showing all my friends at school. it’s things like work-arounds that keep me coming back to video games trying to find stuff to make it easier on me.

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The only reason I stopped playing Civ 5 is because the last updates were too much for my ancient (technology wise) PC to handle- I had to break out my Complete Civ Collector’s Edition to get my fix- and damn Napoleon! :grimacing:

I love both BL1 and BL2 equally.

But speaking strictly from a loot perspective, BL1 is the better game in my book. Every Skag pile, dumpster, locker and chest has the potential for treasure in that game. BL1 really feels like Diablo with guns, it’s pure looter/shooter bliss.

gotta add my 2 cents, of the games listed (talking series now) above I have played the Fallout Series 1 thru 3 & New Vegas a couple times each as wellas just a few weeks on each just exploring, Now Fallout 4 which has just recently came out (1st DLC now out), I have played it, haven’t completed main storyline yet (keep hoping they come out with a patch where you can go to end game with all 4 factions intact, instead of 1 to 3), DLC just finished, but I find myself playing that game as religiously as I play the Borderlands Series to the point of spending 2 hours on each everynight

Oh no borderlands is addicting it should be a schedule one drug so more people could be enticed to try it.

Yeah then people could meet Marcus in a dark alley so that they can get a ‘taste’ of borderlands and getaddicted like the rest of us on the forums.

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Actually I don’t picture marcus I picture Shade in the alley, sunglasses and everything “what do you need vault hunter?”

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Sorry if this might be a little late but the new doom coming out does have a level editor so that could really make it an interesting game and could increase the replay value immensely.

But yeah. Not a lot of games have the blands replay value. Except if you try to get a full %100 on a Lego game. That will take you some time

My savegame for Lego Star Wars: The original triology has 50 hours clocked in while being at 80 percent.
But yeah, it shows that there’s alot to do, and I love it when games do that.

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But then it can sometimes be annoying when you spend a long time on a level and you aren’t able to get it all

My Harry Potter part 2 is ONE thing away from 100% - that damn thing you have to get while not getting killed by dementors (:dukecensor:). Same for LotR - clearing the Mines of Moria fight under the time limit. I’ve been this >.< close so many times solo.

I love when games have level editors,Tony hawks was so much fun building your own skate park!

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And super Mario maker. I love watching people try to defeat twelve bowsers