[BL2] Not looking for badaboom anymore, not power leveling anymore

The level of the weapon doesn’t matter (but I prefer a low level one). GT: eliminator2006

EDIT: NOT looking for weapon anymore, will not power level you.

I’m pretty sure I have a low level one mate will let u know when I get bk online

I have one on my second account, level 50 but I would like to power level a new character to at least 65 before I give it to you? If you want to do it add my gt on xbox one WeeMaN 480

Id just give you the one i use for rocket jumping if you were PSN :l
Thing is, Badaboom is not a bad farm; quite easy actually
you could probably do it within an hour (probs 30 mins or less)
so instead of powerleveling someone
you could get a badaboom in a less amount of time yourself, I would imagine
Go to Eridium Blight, get a car and turn right at the gate.
once through look to the right, if King Mong’s not there, then drive down the road up to the gate you went through
for the story mission to get to Arid Nexus Boneyard
that is King Mong’s other spawn location. if he’s not there, simply save and quit and do it again
good luck!