BL2 on 360 Digital Copy Won't Play Offline without Internet Connection

BL2 on 360 Digital Copy Won’t Play Offline without Internet Connection, is this real?

I called Xbox support, they worked with me for an hour and a half, did a License Change and Re-Install.
Still couldn’t resolve.
Is this something the DEVs changed?
Any suggestions?

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this - similar reports cropped up here some time last year. It is not something done by Gearbox, however; the last title update issued by GBX was fall 2015.

I would suggest contacting GBX support to see if they have any ideas:

One quick question that occurs to me: when you started the game up, which location did you try and access save file files from - was it your Cloud Sync folder?

No, I don’t Cloud Save.
(I have heard it has a very convoluted process for retrieving your saves for Offline use)

*Digital Copy won’t work Offline.
If I unplug the ethernet cable:

  1. During Gameplay - 10 minute Warning to ReConnect Internet
  2. Before Starting Xbox 360 - Game Won’t Start at all.*

The above is how I Described my situation in my Ticket.
(based on the address you provided).

I’m having a somewhat similar issue. I can play the main game offline but none of the DLC locations are in the fast travel network so I cannot play any of the DLC.

Also, my offline characters do not show up in my queue for my online characters. I’m really stumped on how I can resolve this as I’d like to take my offline characters do the DLC areas

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