BL2 on 360 is pretty close to being dead. Anyone interested?

So I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 for quite a long time (since 2013) and I still enjoy the game A LOT today, however, the main struggle I seem to go through everyday is finding a decent lobby of players who aren’t gonna snatch up all the loot for themselves, or a lobby where no one spams the norfleet and storm front.
Is there anyone on here who still plays the 360 version of this game?
If anyone is interested, I have a level 50 commando and assassin (currently working on a siren), no upgrade packs, and I have the Campaign of Carnage and Pirate’s Booty DLC.
XBL GT: Hero Hurter 713

I used to , but moved to Xbox 1, you might get better responses here,

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Got ya moved to the 360 co op category.

Happy looting!

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Alright thanks.

Sweet. Thanks for that man :+1:t2:

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Hi! I am and I still play on my 360. Have all 3 games. Have the season’s pass for BL2. Am in Pacific time zone. Usually on 9pm till midnight. Have a mic. My Axton is a L40 and I just started the second play through. XBL GT: RieverStyx20

I have a 47 or 48 siren

GT: BTK420247


I have all characters at 72 but I’m willing to start a new and get to 50, probably as zero.

GT: Senial Savage.
Have all the dlc except upgrade pack 2. Will be buying that once I am closer to level 61. Currently have a 51 siren. Willing to make new characters or level up until 72. I have a mic

Hey, if anyone wants to play some boarderlands 2 with me, shoot me a message. Gt; recon soldier72
I’m a level 21 Commander and 31 Assassin.
I’m willing to play with just about anyone