BL2 on Games for Gold

Hey , not sure if its been posted yet but Borderlands 2 is free with Games for Gold.
I dont know if its just 360 version though.

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It works for the One as well. Thanks though. I have not gotten BL2 for my One yet since I’m poor as ■■■■ so I should snag this now.

Is there any difference between normal BL2 and the Handsome collection version?

The free download is just the base game. THC has everything plus TPS.

Cool. I can trade in my old 360 copy then.

This has made me immensely happy, however there does not appear to be any way to transfer your character from the 360 cloud save within the game over to the xbox one backwards compatible BL2. Maybe there will be an update for that.

Follow-up: turning on cloud storage on your 360 and having the game saves stored online will pull your character over to the xbox one backwards compatible version of BL2.

Hey Lucian, I’ve been working at this all morning. I’ve got my level 72 zero saved to the cloud on 360, but there’s no option to download it on the Xbox one. Did you do anything special to enable it? I went to cloud save on the Xbox one and the only option is to upload a character, not download.

Disregard, I was confused apparently. I didn’t move my saved files from hard drive to cloud. I thought it did it in game, but apparently that’s something different. Just moved them to the cloud and now re downloading the game on Xbox one because I’m an idiot and deleted it, thinking I did something wrong and needed to re download it. Will update if it doesn’t work, now that save files are correctly moved to the cloud.

When I got The Handsome Collection , I didnt have access to my 360. I’ve created about 20 characters one the xbone , so if I tried to send a 360 save over now , would each character replace the one in its corresponding xbone slot or create a new one for it?

If you’re talking about the “Games With Gold” version, it shouldn’t matter. (Try and avoid duplicate character names though!) If you’re going to upload/download between 360 and Handsome Collection game versions, change the character’s name to something unique on the 360 side before uploading; when downloading in HC-BL2, ALWAYS choose “Save as new”.

I’ve posted some links to solutions for common problems with the GWG version here:

Thanks for the info. Ive probably got mule 1,2,3 etc on both consoles so ill have to go through and rename a few. Actually im probably up to about 30 ( im a hoarder) so it might take a while.

Update: after physically moving my save files from local storage to cloud storage on the 360 in settings, then opening up the freshly downloaded games with gold BL2 on the Xbox one, I can indeed confirm that everything is there. It all works! Awesome :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t seem to mention on here but thought I’d share that if you own the 360 version you can just insert the disc into your Xbox One and it’ll also work, although it first needs to download a compatibility pack which is apparently identically-sized to the full download. Hmm.

What’s more, if you already own any DLC on 360 you can download it for free on the Xbox One. In case any of you were put off by the thought of having to buy it all again. And, of course, it will download any cloud saves, too.