BL2 Op levelling 1 - 8 free service

Gt Astrosil

This is now only Op levelling sorry about that…want the reason check below

I will NOT be doing this 24/7 but I will for a couple of hours not everyday but every other day, But I live in th UK so for other people that live like in the U.S. I will find it hard to level up sorry about that, however I WILL try, I’m not promising anything but I will try

PLEASE don’t send me messages when I’m sleeping AND no begging or I will just automatically block you

Happy levelling… Also I would really appreciate it if someone could go through op levels with my siren thanks :smile:

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NOTE please read

I will do op levels from time to time from now on because they are so many games that are coming out soon and I would like to play them. I will still help you guys but not every day and this is last time I am updating this post

P.s. I don’t want to get another message when I am sleeping, it makes me cross and fed up and then I don’t want to even go on BL2.

So many please don’t send me a message when I am sleeping it’ll just make me fed up and I won’t op level and on top of that I get hate mail for not doing so +_+

hey man, i am at OP6 right now and need to get to op8.

GT: AscensionOo

Are you free now

Also looking for power leveling. Would obviously like 72 but not necessary I’m 18 at the time of post and would appreciate any help. GT IS
Just message please if willing to help. I’m on usually in evenings central time zone. Thanks in advance.

if your still power lvling can you msg me? gt frixity

Hey i would love some help my GT is Basco2actual15

Any chance are you still doing it? Gamertag: TroyAble

could you help me with my assassin? gt x GOYABEANSJR x

Sure that’s your gamer tag? I can’t find you any way join me my GT is Astrosil

ok thanks

are you leveling someone i can join later then

I’m doing power levelling today so hook me up bro

I still can’t find you on Xbox. Are you sure that’s you’re gamertag?

i sent you a message

I am a level 16 zero and I would really appreciate some help to get to a higher level. Gt is master chief 68

Could you help me get my boyfriends character to lvl 72? My mech is op8 and he is lvl 66, need to get him to 72 so I can op him and we can play together. His gt is CaptainBigBlock

Hey dude, could you help me get to lv 72? I’m alright for gear, I can get that from my Mechromancer alt, my GT is Grante75 and Im in the UK, so if you message me or if you’re free right now, then we can start when you want. Just an Edit, I’m looking for someone to get my siren or assassin to lv 72, so if you can send me a message. Thanks.

how about this coming thursday? maybe two more people from here would like to join us? i dont want repeatedly ask you beacuse you are saving us days if not weeks of our time FOR FREE too so you are a pretty awesome dude, so i will ask this once then maybe ask you again in a month or so. if you are free a tuesday or thursday could you help me out?

Yes i will just message me when your free