BL2: Pithy Rejoinder Disappeared (Gaige)

Hi! I completed Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt a couple of days ago and got the Pithy Rejoinder head from it for Gaige. I wore it and then traded it back out for Bullet Buccaneer when we started Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep because I felt it fit the atmosphere more.

Yesterday, my PS4 kicked me out of the Main Menu before I could start the game and said there was corrupted data and asked if I wanted to delete it. I pushed Ok and when I came back into the game. My character and proper level were still there and we were in the same spot when we loaded in. But all my Bonus Stats had reset (Not my Badass Rank or Skills) and I just noticed, today. That Pithy Rejoinder is gone. The person I completed the quest with still has his Zer0 head and I don’t have any side missions from Sir Hammerlock that offer a head (I don’t even remember what mission it was.) Any help??? Please and thank you!

TL;DR: PS4 Had corrupted data, it reset bonus stats and Pithy Rejoinder head was gone for Gaige from Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt DLC but nothing else.

What bonus stats do you mean if you don’t mean badass rank or skills?

Heads, skins, bonus stats, and golden keys are all stored in the same file separate from your individual character saves. It sounds like that file got corrupted when you quit the game on your previous session, and your PS4 restored a backup copy from the cloud.

The heads for that DLC are awarded in every play-through, so there’s a fair chance someone already has a spare, or is close to completing the DLC. I’d recommend posting in the PS4 on-line and trade section if you don’t get a reply from another forum user here.

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My badass rank was the same. But all my bonus stats were gone and gave me my tokens back to redo all my stats.

That’s happened to me once as well. Took a while to reassign all the points.

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