[BL2] Powerleveling Thread

Due to the number of powerleveling threads, I think it would be helpful to
keep all those requests/offer to help in one thread.
Here is what I suggest:

Request for help by replying to this thread in the format

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level:
Desired Level:

Offer help by replying in this format

Powelevel: Assist
Available Times:

Hopefully this helps bring those looking for this specific topic together to one thread.
Please PM me if the format should be altered/improved :smile:


Level 20 and waaaaay underleveled (about to fight bunker) desired level: 30?
PSN: SlackEight


Current level: 47
Target level: 61
Psn: CheaterMcCheat

I have some 61 gear waiting for me but could drop some for anyone that helps5

Powerlevel: Request
Current level: 10
Desired level: 50
PSN: WarriorPoet1980

Mainly for Assassin alt; he has a legendary class mod and some 50 gear waiting for him from the Siren.

Current level: 34
Desired level: 50

Current level: 61
Desired level: 72
PSN: jiglypuffmcnasty

Can some one plz help power lvl me I’m 45 and want to be 72

Ps4 PainfulScroll

Current level:48
Desired level:61
PSN: everetth25

please could someone help me
current level: 54
desired level: 72
would be extremely grateful (:


Current Level:20
Desired level: MAX LEVEL for normal play through
PSN: winglucario

Current Level: 33
Desired Level: 50
PSN: Rdeenyo

Current level: 15
Wanted level: 50


Thank you<3

i have a mic too

Current level 5

Desired level 72

Psn gillysniper1179

Thank you for your time

Hello potential power leveler :slight_smile:
Current level 30

Desired level 55


Thank you for your time and eventually I would like to be on the other side helping when and how I can :smiley:

P.S. any extra helpful legendary for Maya would be greatly appreciated!

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 30
Desired Levl: Min 50
PSN: Zeikfreak

Current level 12
Desired 72
Psn riegmanb

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 1
Desired Level: 72
PSN: Platinumtheater

Would be awesome if anyone could help me out with that! Best regards Platinumtheater!

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: OP7
Desired Level: OP8
PSN: behemoth79

My wife and I are OP7 and we’ve failed probably a dozen times now getting to OP8. We just need one last Digistruct Peak run. I really appreciate any help we can get!