[BL2] Powerleveling Thread

Powerlevel: request
Current level: 34
Desired level: 72
PSN: dgoodrich17

current level:43
desired level: 55
psn: Tha-_-DoMiNaTeR

message me on psn if ur willing to help. thanks! :slight_smile:

Current level:29
Desired level:50-60

I have some weapons that I have but it takes forever for me to level up. Please help!!!
Xbox gamertag: CCAMJ357

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level:12
Desired Level:40-50

Level 13 psycho
Looking to power level to around level 25 or so
Also need help farming legendary weapons if anyone can help

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 20
Desired Level: 72
PSN: dbaouse
Can someone please help me. It would be much appreciated.

Power level request
Current level: 1
Desired level: 25
PSN: jello912

Power level request
Current level 39
Desired level 72

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level:1
Desired Level:50
PSN: Silentshadow801

Need to level up an alt account, if you dont have the time to get to level 50 / 60 i cant stop earlier

LF Power level
From 50
To 72
PSN rdstang

also any weapon help at that level would be great

LF Powerlevel
Current level: 62
Desired level: 72
Psn: angryofcheam
Also, a 72 norfleet would be nice.

Current Level:7
Desired Level:max (not op8 yet)
Could also use a weapon drop and wisp

Current Level:1
Desired Level:72
Looking for some 72 weps and items and sheilds for a mecro build.

Current level: 32
Desired Level : 72
PSN: Stargazerx9
Is it possible to get some eridium?

Game: Borderlands 2
Current level: 72
Desired level: OP 8
Console: PS4
PSN: BeardedMan01

Game: BL2
Current level: 72
Desired level: OP 8
PSN: Soul_Reaper1981

Current Level: 41
Desired Lv: 72
PSN: FlawlessCombo

Appreciate if any legendary drops for me xD

HI Guys,
I don’t really like to ask this but is anyone willing to give me a powerlevel?? so with the recent psn update it has put my ps into a safe mode that required me to put my system back to factory setting, so I have lost all my progress and after reinstalling the game I have found that my saves haven’t gone to the cloud system. I’m from the uk so if anyone in the same time zone could help that would be great. My psn is sparky11212 on the PS4 and I did recently as for a power level but with that kind person bveing in the wrong time zone I don’t think it will happen. I just wana get my siren back up to level and start enjoying the game again.



Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 9
Desired Level: 50
Just started new character didn’t want to go threw the grind again, any help would be great, thanks in advance.

Current level- 50
Desired- 72
Psn- xxsadudexx