[BL2] Powerleveling Thread

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: OP7
Desired Level: OP8
PSN: GeneralGero

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 59
Desired Level: 72
PSN: dostlfan5

Current level: 10
Desired level: 50
Psn: Nobody_586

Game: Borderlands 2
Current level: 56
Desired level: 72 then to OP 8
Console: PS4
PSN: BeardedMan01

Current Level: uh, 20 or 21?
Desired Level: 50
PSN: peet_a_

Second playthrough and I have tons of weapons that are several levels higher.
Currently playing as Gaige, so feel free to add.

Power Level request for Siren BL2
Current Level: OP6
Desired Level: OP8
PSN: BoivinQc

Power Leveling Request on BL2
Current level 16
Desired Level 50
Im trying to play with a level 50 friend but the power leveling is slow. I was hoping someone would be able to take me to pyro pete bar and level me.

Game: Borderlands 2
Current level: 19
Desired level: 60 ish
Console: PS4
PSN: sttacee

Pleaseeee & thankyou :slightly_smiling:

powerlevel: request
current: 16
desired: 50+
PSN: Mr_Frye

  • I’m around lv 20, I would appreciate any help at all.

  • I don’t really have a desired level, any help would be appreciated.

  • PSN : Kohji_Yagami

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level:41
Desired Level:72
I have a few op8 norfleets to repay

Current Level: 48
Desired Level: 60+
PSN: ThePandasWithin
Any help is good. Ive never been above level 50

Current Level:1, new character
Desired Level:50

Current level: 51
Desired level: 54
I’m on tps and I will return the favor
Psn:youngbuck 404

Current level: 32
Desired level: 50+
I will return the favor
PSN: hugzofdeath

current level: 50
desired level: 72
psn: nithin125

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 52
Desired Level: 72
PSN: mastapain204

Are you on

You on

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 13
Desired Level: 50
PSN: Fishron

Any form of gear at level 50 would also be much appreciated