[BL2] Powerleveling Thread

I’m on almost all the time. Just send me a message and I’ll respond asap

I am level 50 I want to power level to at least 61 72 would be great I’m on xbox one my gamertag is InfuriatedSword

Current Level: 6
Desired Level: 50
PSN: dansenbjerg

Would like to power level a gunzerker since I’ve already had 3 of them maxed out on Xbox
and would like to get one up quickly. Thanks!

whats your psn

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 20
Desired Level: 72

Level 50
desired: 70
psn: Madgeek55555


Current level: 8
Desired level: 72

I have two op8 just want to level my alt zerker

Psn mtharrison984

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 50+
Desired Level: 72
PSN: Pegs001

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 21
Desired Level: Whatever :slight_smile:
PSN: Ileni_Man (its a i like indigo for the first letter then a L as in Larry)

Happy to return the favor - I wasn’t able to xfer my xbox toon over so I had to start new here.


Have 2 characters I’d like to get to at least level 35 or so if possible. A level 17 and a level 3.

Psn- kamehameha69


I just got the game a few days ago haven’t had much time to play would like to get boosted to lvl 72 so i can play with friends. My psn is PwnUx if anyone would help me thanks

Current Level: 42
Desired Level: 50 or 72 if possible
PSN: Souleater_LG

Powerlevel: request
Current level: 34
Desired level: 72
PSN: dgoodrich17

current level:43
desired level: 55
psn: Tha-_-DoMiNaTeR

message me on psn if ur willing to help. thanks! :slight_smile:

Current level:29
Desired level:50-60

I have some weapons that I have but it takes forever for me to level up. Please help!!!
Xbox gamertag: CCAMJ357

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level:12
Desired Level:40-50

Level 13 psycho
Looking to power level to around level 25 or so
Also need help farming legendary weapons if anyone can help

Powerlevel: Request
Current Level: 20
Desired Level: 72
PSN: dbaouse
Can someone please help me. It would be much appreciated.

Power level request
Current level: 1
Desired level: 25
PSN: jello912