Bl2 ps4 last call skin

I just wanted to know if someone could drop the last call skin for me if possible image

They aren’t available anymore.

These Community Day heads & skins are still available, but super rare drops from skag piles (mainly). I’ve come across the Krieg skin last year about this time. Found it in a skag pile in the Badlands.

Do you know the names of them? I may try and get some :thinking:

For Axton
Stand there and bleed
Call down the thunder

For Maya
Closing time
Last call

For Sal
Dwarf w no name
Beard w no name

For Gaige
Alive and kicking
Bullet in her bonnet

For Zero
Don’t get my dander up
I do declare

For krieg
How do I vests
Reach for the skis

One head and one skin each.


@GOODYEARBLIMP That’s very helpful, thanks.