BL2 PS4, Shutters When Game Saves

Hey guys, in borderlands 2 the handsome collection, every time i go past a Fast Travel Station and the game saves…theres a massive dip in the fps and its so annoying since i always have to go past these things. Could you guys please patch it so the saving times are smooth and so there no stutters please?

I’ve never had this happen on the PS4.

I still have nightmares about this happening on the PS3 though, it was awful.

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BL2 On PS4 Still Needs Some Stability Optimization For stutters and Fps Drop and the game would be Perfect

The stutter is a symptom of the hard drive being overloaded with read/write operations as the game is constantly streaming in texture data (all from the hard drive)

The hard drive that comes with the PS4 is a entry level drive in terms of speed and performance.

Installing a faster, more capable drive will eliminate at least some of the stutter.

I personally have a 750GB Scorpio Black 7200RPM drive in my PS4 never notice any stutters during gameplay.