BL2 Rare Loot Wishlist

It seems RNG really doesn’t want me to obtain certain items, so I figured I’d post a trading request. Hopefully someone will have an extra they wouldn’t mind trading for/just giving away.

High Priority:
Bladed Grog Nozzle from the loot hunt

Medium Priority:
Teeth of Terramorphous
Incendiary Norfleet
Shock, Corrosive, Incendiary Redundant Fibbers

Low Priority:
The Transformer
“Perfect” Incendiary Bone Relic

Acceptable Skins:
Any dropped by Vermivorous, barring “Flowers on Your Grave”
World loot skins, such as Dahl Efficiency or Steampunky(the stuff you can’t really farm for)

That’s it for the most part, if you can think of a hard-to-obtain item not listed, odds are I have one. I’ll trade just about anything for any of these items, list your price and I’ll tell you if I could make it happen. Thanks in advance.

(Edit: also looking for a purple Magic Missile and Quasar, preferably sticky longbow)

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Forgot to mention, everything must be OP8. If a certain element/prefix isn’t specified I’ll take any.

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i have a XXX head for the Mechromancer from Terramorphous. I could trade for the community head and skin for Maya or her vermivorous head. Also if you want we can play and farm him ourselves :smiley:

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I don’t have either of the community day skins or Kawaii Killer, unfortunately. We could try to farm Vermi, I won’t be on for a while though.

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it’s ok. My gamertag is Nicowonder; send me a friend request and we can try :smiley:

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I’ve got a Pacifying Pitchfork, fire element, that you can have. Some random person gave it to me way back when. I use Pimp & Lyuda 99% of time when sniping so it’s not really useful to me, although if you play TPS I find it much more useful in that game.

my gt = Trathenator


Thanks! I sent a request, my Gt is UGC Darkstripe so you know it’s me.