BL2 Re-release using UE4

I was thinking about this the other day and I’m curious what others think. What if GB re-released BL2 using BL3 game engine? Can you imagine all the BL2 game content but with all the gunplay, graphics and QoL improvements of BL3? That would be pretty sick. I’m sure it’s too much work to be a reality but I wonder how well something like that would sell.

I know some (maybe most) would rather the time and effort just be spent on BL4 and that has a lot of merit but then…BL2 is a known quantity and after what we have seen with BL3 who knows what we might get with BL4…


id actually be more interested in a BL1 remake. i think thatd benefit the most out of it. revamped skill trees, graphics, grenades, side mission dialogue, and maybe introduce new mechanics. like what gamefreak does for the old pokemon games


Ooh yeah, sound great.

Oh wait, they cant get the current game working properly, leaving people who cannot play the game at all in limbo, while we watch the DLC release that we cannot play. Content what we already paid for.

I think I will be skipping all future 2k/GB titles, until they are Complete, Functioning / and finished with their ‘live service’ requirement. Then only a complete package, on deep sale.

But hey, they messed with BL2 after seven years, rendering many people unable to play the OP levels TO THIS DAY.

So can we truly ever trust this company again ?


If they made it so TVHM scaled to level all the way up I might be interested.


hopefully not , the graphics wont look the same and will definitely give a different vibe just like how bl3 did to me

I don’t have any hope or hype for the Borderlands franchise after BL3, so please god let them remake BL2, BUT NO “ADJUSTMENT” lol.

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It’s definitely a good idea and I think they’d make quite a lot of money but… I dunno. It feels like wishful thinking. BL2 is considered by many, the best borderlands game, but maybe there’s a reason(s) that they can’t re-release BL2.

I would buy it again.

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I think most folks would be happy if they made sure Borderlands 2 ran fine on the new consoles.

At least they’re considering making sure that Borderlands 3 will.

It’s already there, and it’s BL3 - it’s basically copy of BL2.

The gunplay is not a “feature” of the UE4 - the engine is mostly for the graphics. And what QoL improvements are there in BL3 over BL2?

Yeah it’s interesting, but how many re-releases can they do. First there was Game of the Year edition, then Handsome Collection, then Legendary Collection (Nintendo Switch only, so not really a re-release, but still). Not to mention that they released HD texture packs for BL2 and TPS for free a year ago.

Unfortunately, the hopes aren’t that high, considering the trend of TPS and BL3 after BL2, which is, let’s say, ‘peak’ of the series.

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BL2 featured the PhysX engine which gave extra eye candy (millions of particles, plus other special effects) on the PC platform at least (I believe consoles had this effect toned down), BL3 engine is great, but isn’t AS BADASS in some aspects of the game, so we would definitely lose some “feel” the original game had.

P.S. if you are a BL2 fan and playing it on the console, well… I highly recommend to get the PC version instead, if you are looking for better graphics/immersion. That option is already available today.

I do like TPS and could’ve been a great borderlands game, unfortunately the campaign was short and 2k abandoned it.
In my opinion tps only falls short in scenario (all maps are basically the same), but everything else is a better version of BL2 and/or BL3.

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Im terrified they’ll adjust bl2 and destroy a masterpiece. Leave it alone!

I mean, some of the QOL stuff would be really nice, like being able to instantly refill all ammo at vendors.

Yeah. The vaulting and sliding is also nice. Not sure if you would be able to add that since BL2 wasn’t designed with vaulting in mind unless you redesigned maps. I think it would be better to just make the game as close to BL2 as possible but using BL3 resources so maybe vaulting would need to be left out.

Considering that they just remastered BL2 last year it would take a huge financial incentive to do it again.

Question is: Would you pay for a BL2 on UE4?

Mostly, but the engine also does collision detection (for bullet impacts) and a “better” engine could bring higher fire rates since fire rate maximums are tied to frame rate maximums. That’s of course both engine and graphics card/drivers dependent.


Yeah I’m under no illusions that this would actually happen. I just think it’s an interesting idea that you would be able to play through the story of BL2 with the different VHs but with the look and feel of BL3. I would buy it.


Well, the only reason I’ve been playing BL3 instead of BL2 is because of mantle jumps and the fact that I can digistruct a battlemech around me at will, so if you put those two things in BL2 then I’d probably play that game forever.


They didn’t remaster it. They just released a texture update.
They remastered Bl1 and that was quite alright.

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Now-a-daze a texture update takes more work than a code update, so again, would you pay for it?

I would, love 1 &2.

Afaik a game engine determines every aspect of the game being it graphics, audio, physical laws as well as AI.

But to main topic:
If they used a different engine, they’ll probably change the whole game balance-wise, since all stats and calculations are handled differently in BL3, because for example the variable scaling. Also I sometimes feel like BL3 looks like an Angela Anaconda Dystopia, so I don’t want them to do that to BL2.