(BL2) Redeemed SHIFT codes on the website but got no Golden Keys from them


I redeemed some codes on the SHIFT website but go no keys for any of them, redeemed a code in game yesterday and that worked fine.

I might need to raise a support ticket for this but I’m not sure how, here is a screenshot of the codes I have listed as redeemed on the Xbox One.

Here is where you can file a support ticket. You’ll need to provide some details like your SHIFT support ID (should be one of the options on the “SHIFT Code” tab), your platform gamer tag, and the email associated with the SHIFT account.

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Posted this on another thread but figured I’d share my results because I am having the same issue.

I redeemed 95% of all keys at once on the website. They show up in my rewards section on console but nothing appears in game. I’ve redeemed the last 3 codes that came out on console and those worked fine. I’ve been going back and forth between gearbox support for the past month and it appears to be a bug on Xbox One.

This is the final response before they finally closed my ticket after a month of troubleshooting:

"Thanks for getting back to us with that information!

We have escalated the issue for further review and will get back to you once we have an update. However, it appears you may be experiencing a bug that is currently known to the developers. As we here at 2K support cant view design documents,we wouldnt be able to give a time frame for a patch.

Your best option in this case is to keep an eye on the Official Gearbox Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on potential patch updates as well as regular SHiFT code releases and information on new games.

We appreciate your patience in this matter. At this time we will be closing the ticket, but if there is anything else I can assist you with regarding technical support for any of our 2K Titles, please let us know.

Thanks!" (Left out my name and support agents)

So pretty much I’m SOL because I doubt any patch to the BL2 Handsome collection is coming especially with Borderlands 3 on the horizon. Still kinda sucks though. Enter all codes on your console for now on instead of the website.

Hope this helps.