BL2 Sandhawk Rarity

Hi guys! So Ive got the Borderlands complete collection on Nintendo Switch. And I swear Ive easily piled in a few hundred hours on Borderlands 2. The only thing I would love to request is if you guys can perhaps adjust the Flying Sandhawk rarity. We all know how many hours users have put in to try and get the perfect Dahl Parts Flying Sandhawk… Would it be possible you can perhaps look at it?

So just in case you don’t know gun prefixes are based on gun parts. In the case of the “Flying” prefix it is attached to the bonus part which as you probably do know adds the Projectile velocity. Unless a gun has fixed or locked parts the randomization of parts is based on set variables used across the entire games for every gun. The reason Flying is rare is rare is because you have other bonus parts which can spawn taking up that slot or it can spawn with no bonus part. All of that is based on random number generation when the gun is rewarded.

Unless they only way I know of them being able to alter that RNG would be to lock the other bonus parts from being chosen or making it choose the Flying part all the time. As much as it would be nice for gear farmers the likelyhood of them doing that now so many years after Capitan Scarlet’s Pirate booty came out is close to non.

The last offical balancing or changes made to BL2 happened a couple years ago and the Switch has really only gotten Hotfixes to correct bugs and issues present on the console spicificly. Again it is a nice thought but it is extremely unlikely GBX will do anything like that to BL2 at this stage.

Hope that has been informative in some way and good luck farming out there :slight_smile:

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Man, I get that. And I really appreciate you even replying to a topic so old and discussed. Very informative and I genuinely appreciate the feedback. You guys are amazing and Ive had countless hours of fun with BL2. Thank you guys.

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I did a calculation for the base probability of the game rolling a shock Flying Sandhawk once out of curiosity. It was, needless to say, extremely low. And that is made worse by the fact that non-elemental is weighted higher than individual elements in the game’s loot generation system. Same for any other weapon that doesn’t have fixed parts (Fibber and Pimpernel come to mind as two of the desireable quest reward farms.)

Unfortunately, that’s just the way the game rolls. Glad you’re enjoying the rest of the game, but I’d recommend not getting too hung up on farming perfect gear unless you have the patience of a saint - I certainly don’t!


Ah man. Tell me about it. Ive been banging out BL2 for probably over a year now. Just one of those things that I really wanna have a collection of you know. And trust me… Im not patient and the addiction still has well passed me over 1000 hours! Thanks for your feedback dude. I guess there are plenty more aspects to have fun with right. :joy:

A few attempts have been made to determine elemental and accessory chance. I’d have to do some more digging but getting any elemental vs non-elemental was about 30/70% and getting any accessory to no accessory was about the same.

Then that 30% is divided between each element / accessory.

Then there’s the pressing need for Dahl grip AND stock……

Fibber is bad too since it trades stock need for barrel need.