Bl2 scaling all modes

How does it work? Is normal just normal, in tvhm does everything scale to 50, besides the warrior? And then in uvhm everything is your level?

Pretty much. In TVHM, everything scales to 50 after you beat the warrior except for any DLC areas you’ve visited before you defeated it.

The warrior scales to 52 just like iwa?

It’s been awhile since I’ve fought him in True, but I think so. He won’t scale higher unless you’re in UVHM/OP levels.

@Maliwankenobi: Addendum to Gulfwulf’s post:

Normal is high 30s, I think.

Normal enemies in TVHM cap at 50, raid bosses break up to 52…

In UVHM (non-OP), normal enemies are a bit higher than your level, going up to (and capping at) Lv72. Based on at least one video of Terramorphouos at Lv74, I think non-OP raid bosses break cap by 2 levels.

For OP, you’re stuck you at 72 while all enemies go higher.