BL2 Slots Bug Please Help

Why do the slots in bl2 bug out sometimes and give nothing, and then it breaks the game where u cant even gamble anymore, esp when it breaks it on BOTH slots in moxxis, how do u stop it from happening??


how is that a helpful comment or even NECESSARY comment??? if u have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all

Sorry I wasn’t trying to be rude. I’ve played BL2 for a long time and never seen the slots give nothing. Are you sure it’s not giving you a gun from the left or right side of the machine?

What is the results of the slot machine that causes it to do this for you?

Could also be throwing a grenade (three bandits) or dropping cash? Of course, sometimes you don’t get a winning roll at all and the machine just sad-trombones you.

to hyler(idk how to multi-reply w/o multiple post): It was 3 cherries , like a green weapon should have spawned but it never gave it, i see the machine open up too like it wants to give me the loot but nothing in it.

To VaultHunter101: Shockingly grenades all appear when it rolls on that, its never on bandit head when it glitches, and like I said above to other poster, machine opens up like it’d give me a green(or w/e it rolled) but no loot appears thus i cant pick it up to make the machine close so i can gamble again. And this is in moxxi’s (vanilla), i know tina has it where nothing can spawn but that never glitches and i can gamble again right away

I’ve played the slots thousands of times in 7 years, and have never seen this so can’t offer any advice.

Only thing I might suggest is moving your cursor/aimpoint around the slot drawer or door, I can theoretically see an issue where there was a memory problem and the graphic for the gun didn’t render, but it’s actually still there and selectable.
Very long shot and probably not going to help, but the only thing I can think of.


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Back on point: never seen this happen to me either, which makes me wonder what’s going on. What platform do you play on, and which version of the game is this?

im on PC using the Steam version, I’ll try to screenshot next time, both it empty AND the roll on the slots, but course now since its RNG, it doesnt do it XD Im doing 1life and bout to gamble for eridium so hopefully i can get a screenshot then

OK. Moving to PC tech support since this may be a platform-specific issue.

This is what it looks like when slots break, just nothing, i go close, no “e” prompt to pick up and its not a nothing cuz slots opened, when its nothing, it jus buzzes at u

2nd pic shows both now out of commission