BL2 Solo Player - Need level 72 longbow Quasar

Anyone happen to have a spare? While we are on the subject I also need a slag pimpernel and a rustlers orphan maker but I feel that is asking too much. Anyway, anyone with a spare granade

PSN: Larex571

bump, help still needed

Still need that longbow Quasar for lvl 72 or some OP lvl worst case :slight_smile: Thanks again psn ID Larex571

I did try to farm it, but try doing that solo…

I’m sure I can drop something for you. I’m on most nights around 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Will add you and is that 10 am or pm? Gotta know cos im 6 hours ahead haha. Anyway big thanks but I will not be online tonight so I’ll contact you tommorow. Thanks!

Night but add me and I may catch up with you sometime during the day.

I may have it at 72, I’ll check.

Yes, I have a lvl 72 Longbow Quasar I’m happy to drop. Message me, I’m around (USA) EST, evenings.

Will try tommorow, will atleast message you. Much love!