BL2 story mode > M10

I have been doing a fresh playthrough in BL2. Just story mode. I think I have died more times in the first 10 levels than I have in total playing on M10 in BL3. It’s amazing how much more difficult BL2 story mode is than M10. I don’t think I have died once in BL3 in the first ten levels so I don’t think it’s a matter of just being “low level” and having no gear or whatever.


As Axton would say, “Cool story, bro.”


Yeah, BL2 kinda sucks at the beginning.

BL2’s story is anything but difficult on NVHM for me, but everyone’s experience is understandably different :slight_smile:


Agree about the difficulty in TVHM and UVHM, but when you first start the game? I don’t remember it being that bad tbh

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although i agree bl2 better than m10 but definitely not the difficulty since difficulty entire based on how much damage ur dealing .