Bl2 THC don't have dlc

On borderlands 2 THC on xbox one I have the dlc charters but not Tiny Tina’s dlc and the other dlc pack every time I click on downloadable content on the BL2 menu is give me this message. ‘Unable to enumerate the new content offerings. Please try again later’
Is any else getting this message? If know how to fix this please tell me thank you.

The problem is that there’s no DLC to enumerate; nothing exists in the marketplace for downloadable content. All of the DLC is included in the game install.

If you’ve started playing the game before it’s 100% done installing, you might be missing some of the locations/DLC, as it hasn’t been installed yet. Once you’re at 100%, you should be able to see the Unassuming Docks in your fast travel list.

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Thank you!

Mine is doing the same thing with the new borderlands 2 for xbox 1 but I already have an existing character that’s 72 op level 5 but when I click to play it give another error that the 72 character requires downloadable content

I can still play the game with character but I can’t get new op levels the download has hit 100% but it still says the same thing over

Yep, known bug in the code of the ported version. There’s another thread about this exact situation with all the gory details explained, but basically you can just ignore the dialog that says you need more downloadable content to go past level 72 - it’s wrong.