BL2 Tiny Tina Help!

Im a lvl 47 Siren stuck on Tiny Tinas dlc . Havin trouble defeating the Skeleton Kings. Well, i actually havent made it past the 1st one & im goin on day 2 of wantin this controller through the tv. Any help would be appreciated. PSN is Bacon_Tots

Or nah, i guess. 15 views in 3 hours but not one taker. Maybe its just not meant to be. DAMN YOU TINY TINA!!! AVENGE MY BROKEN TV, FELLOW GAMING BRETHREN!!!

U in the game atm? I’ll give a hand.

Yeah. Add me & we can roll.

Done :white_check_mark:

I can help too… i will be on about 9am eastern time.
Add: BUTCHERcuts
i could use a little help getting to lv.50, im at 46 now. Assassin class.