BL2 token stat effect the game scaling?

hello everybody

I bought Borderlands the handsome jack collection (PS4 Disc) and started BL2 and I finished Normal and TVHM with Axton character but when I started UVHM I was so weak and get killed easily and my guns with the fight for your life not helping so I can get second wind, in other word hard killing the weak and normal enemies so I can proceed, I play solo (no coop or online help)

so I decided to act smarter than the machine and will start 3 or 4 new characters and finish with those characters the normal mode and maybe TVHM depend if I like the character method (I am not a skilled player so the turret was doing a lot for me)
creating the new characters precisely to make more challenges and raise my stat of Gun Damage using the badass tokens.

I know the game scaling with the XP or character Levels they reach to and Mode ( normal, TVHM, UVHM) but
The question is : does it scales when I raise my Gun Damage to 200% lets say or fixed with the mode and leveling ?

in other word when I get back to my first character Axton and my profile will be having stat lets say Gun Damage 200% still the enemies in UVHM won’t be affected much as they scales with my Badass Stat (Gun Damage) and all what I’m doing is worthless?

hope to find clear answer as this answer either I will continue all these games or stop playing all and give the discs to a skilled friends lol (I have Borderlands handsome jack disc contain 2 games and BL3 disc) for now BL2 updated online to V1.08 I guess, and I bought also commander Lilth addon and played it normal mode was great with the weapons loots, yet didn’t start the other games(presequal,BL3) and also as I see offers there is new game called Tiny Tina wonderland I may buy, but at the end I don’t want to go that deep then i can not finish the UVHM of the first game. Also wish if BL1 will be in PS4 as I started to like this game.

Never mind me I like to talk too much, just focus on the main question in Italic, LOL.

Thanks and cheers

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If you’re struggling in UVHM, it’s likely a combination of build, gear, and character/weapon level rather than your BAR stats.

  • All enemies are in the range +0 to +2 relative to your character level at all times, so you can’t over-level against them. Keeping your weapons reasonably on-level is also much more important than either NVHM or TVHM
  • They all have health regeneration, so if your DPS is low you will struggle badly. This is why slag is a must-have - the debuff and duration from it are both better than TVHM

Trying to pursue BAR as a means to compensate is not a productive route:

  • BAR points needed to get the next token increases exponentially, and the boost from adding another token to a skill decreases exponentially. So there’s a law of diminishing returns for effort in place
  • The system will weight your choices each time you redeem tokens towards perks with the lowest number of tokens, so getting a high buff on a particular stat requires a great deal of patience.

Frankly, you’re better off paying attention to gear and skills, and re-adjusting your play-style to account for the fundamental differences between TVHM and UVHM. I’ll also say that most people struggle through levels 55-60 in UVHM their first time.

This thread would be a good place to start:

Feel free to ask questions here though. It would also help to know what you current character/build/go-to gear is.

Also, don’t feel that only super-skilled players can get through UVHM. I’d consider myself average at best, but I made it (with a little help from the forums!)

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It would take about 1500 hours of playing to get all BAR to 20%. The highest I’ve seen — and this would be people above 4000 hours — is around 50%.

So yes as VH said, build, slag, tactics is the answer — not BAR.

thank you for your advises and replying [VaultHunter101]

I am already checking the 100 way to survive UVHM and surfing the whole site

my gear is at the top I guess , I get most what I have from DLC normal mode and storyline TVHM but I didn’t play DLC in TVHM as so far in TVHM storyline didn’t give any higher weapon.
however normal mode commander lilth gave me a very nice loots.

regarding the BAR of course I am not adding just Gun Damage as it some times doesn’t come between the 5 choices but yes once it is there I choose it regardless what’s the others

yet in general I want to play with other characters to enjoy the game I think zero looks interesting and Gaige , so it comes to my mind shall I invest in the badass tokens then I return to my main character Axton maybe I can go through a little in the UVHM and there i loot more powerful weapons

you know the first bolly boss who steel claptrap eye when you start the UVHM they send you already after his fight but I return and couldn’t kill him, he was killing me easy

you said the enemies will be health regen, where my problem in fight for your life i can not kill any even small ones to get the second wind.

in all cases I am not that kind of players who finish a game in a night, this game will stay with me at least a month then I go pre-sequel that’s why I may play all characters and though the badass token will build any way but still am I wasting my time that’s what I meant because this build if it is followed with enemy scaling so it is waste of time. if you play darsiders 3 you will understand what I mean as that game I reach level 300 the full and yet the enemies is killing me easily then I found through googling and forums that no matter what you are higher the enemies follows , I was dealing with enemies in level 35 much better than level 300 lol.

thanks for replying [Jefe]

I guess the 4000 hours number is very big (that’s maybe all my life gaming lol)

but I saw in the beginning of the game I was getting all the challenges thus the token very easy so if I make 5 characters that means building BAR won’t be that long specially if you reach level 20 then start another character and son on, the game generally have 6 different characters which I will try them eventually.

so as I said to [VaultHunter101] am I wasting my time building the BAR or it comes with results to survive UVHM?

thanks and cheers

There are a great number of the old forum folk who are 2-6K hour range. Or even 10K hours.

To be blunt, yes.

haha thanks, maybe you are right as all those souls games no matter what you go up the enemies follows, but I wished this game not because from the begging of the game I am getting one shot dead and live back through the second wind huh

maybe I will give one more week trials then I give the discs to the pro players friends .


Me me! Currently sitting at about 13,000 hours.
I don’t prioritize gun damage since it just affects the base damage of the gun you’re using, and in UVHM elemental damage is a bit more important.
What I do prioritize is reload speed, since that directly affects DPS and in my opinion survivability, since you’re firing more often and (based on your character) healing is happening. My reload speed BAR is currently sitting at 65.3% which makes some guns reload almost instantly.

But as others have said, BAR is not where you win. Guns are where you win, farming weapons is much more appropriate than faming BAR.


good for you , to me you are legend :slight_smile:

yes you are right farming is the most important but as I said any way BAR comes while playing , but in fact i didnt focus on reload speed as i see in Axton skills already there.

TVHM maps and gear cap out at level 50, so you’ll only get higher level gear than that in the main game from the Golden Chest in Sanctuary (which is always player level). Some of the DLCs go higher, up to level 55 in TVHM, but they still max out.

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thank you
this chest I am afraid to use as the whole game normal and TVHM I have 1 key only and will use it on level 80 so I won’t regret getting weaker weapon lol , in fact I didn’t google how to farm this key

so it looks I will play TVHM DLC’s so I get better gear even my level 44 I will get gears of 55 that’s promising


Also maybe I should seek BL1 or it is not released for PS4?

maybe my none talented skills will work with the older part than BL2

Doesn’t work quite like that, I’m afraid. There’s a minimum and maximum DLC level possible; aside from that, it will start at whatever level your character is when you arrive in the DLC for the first time. So if you take a level 44 character in, the DLC will start at level 44. Each new map you enter within the DLC should level up to your character (within the set min/max), but if the intent is to farm highest level possible gear in TVHM, you want to be at least level 50. I haven’t checked what the minimum level for the DLCs is, although I know that DLC5 goes up to level 55. The early ones only go up to level 50.

For shift keys, check out this page:

I don’t know if it’s been kept up-to-date, but some of the older codes for keys are still marked as ‘works’ so it would be worth a try. Note that there is a limit to how many keys you can redeem per day, at least through the shift website.

I had no idea there was some DLCs that went past level 50. One thing that I just found out that was surprising, I beat tvhm, and my headhunter DLC was still at level 45. I thought everything just went right to 50.

my PSN account didn’t renew long time ago as I play solo for long time, I mean all games not just borderlands so these shifts I guess need PSN to be renewed, any way the chest even if I get more 3 or 4 key still minimum chance to get what I am looking for, because it will give me guns level 44 and after a while I will be needing something stronger

the only thing I should do as everybody says to change tactics more careful before entering or acting with each areas, what mentioned in the 100 tips

let us hope I can go through

this point is good to know but maybe only in TVHM I think with UVHM they start much higher because i started UVHM to try to farm nice weapons with commander lilith DLC without playing the story i found that the enemies in the 70’s level while I’m still 44 and of course they were killing me like piece of cake. lol … so the UVHM i think the program saved it in the max direct regardless which level you go there

in commander lilth DLC Brick I remember will send you to kill some lieutenants all of them drop nice legendry weapon higher than your level I was in normal mode level 29 and get weapons level 34. so it is expected in TVHM you will be farming those lieutenants for higher than your level weapons , but killing them is real pain in the A$$.

That does not sound right at all - I don’t think I’ve ever had that problem. Is it possible that you’d been in a co-op session with someone who had done the DLCs at that level? There are side quests (equivalent to the Terramorphous one in main game) that have very high level requirements, but they shouldn’t be part of the same story.

I believe DLCs 3 & 4 can go to level 53 in TVHM? Something like that, anyway.

no not at all as I said earlier for 2 years I am playing the games solo even I didn’t renew the PSN for 2 years except last month I renew one month thinking they will give me commander Lilith DLC for free with PSN as I read some articles which was wrong I also buy it in 16$ from PS store but also in the last month didn’t play or join anyone in BL2 or any games I was busy in fact and didn’t touch the PS console at all. but I know the game make some updates in my PS the version is 1.08 I remember. the infected army where you need to kill them so you set new sanctuary ( The Backburner) I already couldn’t beat, most of them level 71 or the big one level 73 while I am 44 but soon will be 45 after couple of the warrior farming .

I deleted all saves and starting all fresh game like first time inserted the Disc.

when I reach UVHM and go to DLC commander Lilith , if it is repeated with me I will take for you screen shots so maybe something wrong in my copy, but if what will happen as you says that will be interesting and I think I can go through UVHM and survive.

thanks and cheers until that time

Sounds like you need Magic Missiles. Farm them at Dragon Keep.