BL2 UVH mode (Xbox One)

Need some help from you pro’s:

  • I completed the story in regular mode and TVH mode, finishing at level 50.

  • Started UVH mode, but realized I wasn’t gaining anymore XP; I’m capped at level 50.

  • opened an Xbox Live account, downloaded the Ultimate Upgrade Pack 2 (to get continue to level 61).

  • tried to launch UVH again and its only allowing me to start over at level 1 OR continue in UVH mode capped at level 50 and still gaining no new XP.

I’m clearly doing something wrong.

Question 1: How do I continue in the UVH and continue leveling up my character?

Question 2: Is there a better upgrade pack I should download that will get me to level 72?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

There’s actually two upgrade packs. You’ve purchased the second one. If I remember correctly both add levels, but there’s other stuff associated with them. I don’t remember if you actually have to buy them in sequence or not.

If you’re just hitting the ‘Continue’ button that could be part of the issue? Try to deliberately select your character (Y) first and then you should be prompted to select mode after that.

(Moved to XBox tech support)

I’ll also add that since you’re on XB1, you might be better off buying the Handsome Collection instead - you’ll get all the content except the 5th DLC, along with all of TPS, and you’d be able to transfer your save file(s) from the backwards compatible version you are currently running to the new one.

Thank you for the reply.

I will try what you suggested.

I did noticed that I accidentally downloaded the 2nd pack first; so I’ve downloaded the first one now.

In the “Manage” section, I go to “Installed” then click on the “Ultimate Upgrade Pack “ And it should launch the game play, correct?

Right now it doesn’t - it just opens up another menu.

Add: I had intended to download the Handsome Jack Collection, but it’s not listed in the DLC on my console.

Should I be trying to download from somewhere else?

Greatly appreciate your info and patience - I’m clearly “that guy” when it comes to this stuff.

It’s a completely separate game, not DLC. Search for ‘Handsome Collection’ and you should find it. If you get it, you may want to see if MS will refund you the upgrade pack purchases.

Thank you very much.