Bl2 vendor legendaries

How rare are they? and is it worth going around farming them?

Pretty rare, but I have had a handful pop up over the years. I always check the vendors when I pass them.

I just bought a Thunderball Fists from one a few days ago- that makes a total of 4 between BL1 (Consummate Hellfire) and BL2 (Thunderball Fists, derp Nukem and Longbow Pandemic).

I’ve seen 3 in the course of my time with BL2, so they’re pretty rare. I always check but I’m never actually hopeful I’ll see anything above a blue.

The 3 were a Fire Bee on Captain Scarlet’s ship, a Black Hole from the Exploitation Preserve right next to the Slaughter Dome, and a HellFire from the vendors right before the Wattle Gobbler.

Ya after playing tps im always checking the vendors but bl2’s suck haven’t seen anything above blue, they should have patched it so they got more purps.

Just the other day got a Transformer shield from one at the Leviathan’s Lair entry vendor.

Farming the vending machines for Legendary items would be a waste of time, since you almost never find any in there. I only bother checking the vending machines if I have something to sell or if I need to purchase ammo. You are better off farming the LLM’s in WEP (with Doctor’s orders active and as few as possible notes collected, ideally 0) or Thousand Cuts (with Rosco’s mission active) or even farming the Loot Train if you have the How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day DLC.

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This, have had the BL2 since day 1 and have only gotten 1 Legendary from the vendors, unlike BLTPS where that’s the best place in that game to get legendaries.

and this

I’ve seen three in the year and a half I’ve been playing.

I’ve seen only 1 and I’ve played the game since it came out. A couple weeks back on my newmechromancer I got a lvl 31 floated hornet from the vendor near savage lLee.

It is difficult enough finding purple quality gear in one of Marcus’ garbage stores, let alone a legendary.

In my near thousand hours of playing I have found a level 20-ish Nasty Surprise and a level 61 Bee. The Nasty Surprise was on my gunzerker while going through Opportunity and the Bee was found in Zed’s store at the beginning of WEP. I think I got one, maybe two more legendary items out of the vending machines but I cannot say for certain.

You’re more likely to get OOO to spawn and drop a Twister than you are in finding a legendary in a vending machine. I would even go as far as to say that you are more likely to get the Cobra sniper rifle farming the Beatdown before finding a legendary in a vending machine.

I’ve also been playing BL2 since release, and I’ve actually found more than a few legendaries in vendors, but I’ve also checked many thousands of vendors. :acmhmm:

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Best I’ve had was a Sham from the vendor before Tinder Snowflake.

I found a Baby Maker as Weapon of the Day in the Three Horns Divide gun machine, but this was during the adjusted drop-rates…were machines part of the tweaks?

This was another totally unexpected find…

Have only gotten the bonus package from boom bewm at level 4, it still is good against enemies at 13 but, would like at least one to pop up in vendors by now, also another question when I try to post images it says the image is too large, how do I fix this?