Bl2 Vita no dlc code

I have been playing bl2 for years and thousands of hours and bought 3 copies of the game and all dlc/additional content. My most recent purchase was a vita strictly so that I could continue my addiction while on vacation. I couldn’t find a “new” copy of bl2 vita so had to go pre-owned. Transferred my OP8 character and to my immediate disappointment, no dlc content and no code to input to access the advertised “6 dlc’s included”.
Is there nothing that can be done to get a code to download this content? It isn’t even available on the psn store for vita (I would have bought it again)??

Not really up on this stuff, but you may find the comments and links in this post helpful:

You might be better off just starting a new character from scratch for your vacation fix, though.

Thanks for the reply, I did just start a new char (zero) to pass the time.