[BL2] Weapons in backpack are not visible

So yes, in my backpack I can see class mods, relics, shields,and grenade mods. But not guns, I nearly flipped when I thought I lost everything, but it’s still there it’s just not visible, I can still switch out guns, trade, and sell them, but it’s a pain to do so and I can no longer drop weapons on the floor. This bug occurred shortly after selling a full backpack of guns. The bug appears in both normal and true vault hunter mode, as well as online and offline. I have tried hard resetting the game and my Xbox One to no avail, and I have purchased extra backpack space with erridium in hopes that would fix it, but it did not. Please help, this is seriously effecting my game-play experience. Video of said bug: https://account.xbox.com/en-gb/gameclip/cb0f61c4-9b32-4931-bc97-7f64ebcc8f2e?gamerTag=Penicullus&scid=61140100-beed-4771-9804-3d6747cbb752

I have also submitted a ticket to Gearbox Software Support.

What happens if you try cycling through the different display modes using LT/RT when the focus is on the backpack contents?

Yup, make sure the ‘sort’ button is set to show ‘all’.

I am officially the most stupid person on the planet. Sorry about that.

No worries! You’re not the first to post with the same issue, not by a long way. It’s tricked a lot of people.

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Nope. Definitely not. How do you think I was able to guess what the problem was? :wink:

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