[BL2] Why is the sky so bright?

It’s been a while since I’ve played THC and a lot of my BL2 memories are from vanilla, so it’s so odd to me that Elpis appears to have been changed into a second sun. I remember being able to very clearly see the details on the moon no matter the location or time of day, but now if I even dare to look up a bit, I’m immediately having my eyes assaulted. Obviously turning the brightness down lessened the assault, but this is still such an odd decision to me. Certainly not a game-breaker, but I’d love if it were maybe toned down a bit. The sky used to be rather pretty in BL2, now I honestly couldn’t tell you if it is because I’ll go blind trying.

Just try looking at the good doc… i dont think i have seen him unless i get behing him, it definately wasnt like that back on the origional