BL2 worst things

Just an idea that might be fun. Throw in some opinions of what are some of the worst things in the game you can think of.

Worst capstone skill in the game
Worst possible Dahl pistol imaginable
Worst map in the whole game
Worst head customization
Worst voiceline heard over echo?

Just worst stuff big or small, in the grand scheme of things or down to the tiniest detail. Anything goes.

I’ll start with worst Claptrap line: Claptrap beatbox time! I like Claptrap but not when he’s going around terrorizing Sanctuary with that unce unce unce woop woop unce unce woop woop.


Worst Dahl pistol is the first gun in terms of stats. In term of actual performance, it definitely goes to Dahlminator.
Worst rarity, Pearls.
Worst “feature”, not being able to skip cutscenes :joy:.
Worst mobs, previously, it was anything with rocket launchers. Now, there’s a new contender, e-tech snipers.


Worst loot in terms of most annoying:
having two tubbies spawn in the Dust, killing them and wondering where the legendary drop may be just to find two Cracked Sashes…

Yep, I personally hate Heavy Nomads and New Pandoran Marksmen, though the latter seem to be easier to kill.

Worst plot hole: raised bridge in Eridium Blight stops the Vault Hunters though they have via Brick access to flying units…

Worst weapon: the mandatory to use E-Tech gun from Doc Mercy during X-Communicate


Worst New Pandora enemy : New Pandora Surgerer ( idk how they are called in english yet… the ones with healing kits btw ) contended by Badass Snipers ( if they spawn with a moloko… )

Worst DLC 5 weapon: Nirvana : To me is just a hellfire with shiny skin on it… idk has this a side effect? They could have made this all elements to give it a unique trait

Worst Capstone: With Claws… like for real it’s not that it’s bad but there’s no point it being a capstone for the Anarchy tree, melee gaige is a fun build but it’s like it has no clue being there, in a three that has nothing to do with melee

Worst Killskill : To me is Blight phoenix, it’s so pointless, dmg is disappointing too.
followed maybe by Evil Enchantress which is btw a lot better in my mind

Worst feel : dying to the binary boss three times while attempting op7->op8 runs


E-Tech barrel with a Hyperion grip and sight.

What about the Hyperion death wall that we spent half the game trying to pass, only for the Slabs to fly over and die fighting the BNK-3R which was also unnecessary because Roland just scaled the back of the mountain to break in to Control Core Angel and Lilith teleported in. Then we do nothing but stare in silence while Jack lectures us and kidnaps Lilith. Not like we brought guns with us or anything…

But the WORST thing is having to pay 20 eridium every time you want to fight Haderax. Die, pay. Kill him, can’t just leave and re-enter the arena, nope gotta save quit and pay again. Eridium the Invincible.


You gotta use that 500 eridium you accumulated over the past few years :stuck_out_tongue:.

Worst legendary, arguably The Cradle.
Worst Moxxi weapon, Cherie-amie.
Worst raid boss (imo) in terms of mechanics, Vora.
Worst currency, Seraph crystals.


I already lost that trying to teach newer players how to die and not kill raid bosses :weary:

Very strongly disagree -


Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around. :laughing:

I stand corrected. Apparently, it’s not the gun’s fault but mine. Actually, if I think about it, it’s the Pimpernel’s fault.


Worst NPC: Roland


The extremely limited backpack size is detrimental to this loot collecting game. Creating characters just to use them as mules for offloading gear is just a bandage on a problem.

Moreover characters having synergies with specific guns means not being able to use the loot at the fullest potential, unless used on right character. I want to collect it all and use it all, without having to swap characters and having to abide by other limitations.


Worst mechanic: slag, because it just f*cks up game balance imo. It was scrapped in TPS already, it’s not returning in BL3, so apparently the devs didn’t think it was great either.

Worst manufacturer (aside from uniques/legendaries): Dahl. Bandit at least makes good rocket launchers, Tediore may be useful when exploiting them as grenades, regular Dahl weapons just have no saving grace.

Most annoying legendaries: WTF shield and Madhous. They may not be the absolute worst out there, but I find them so often they’re just my main source of disappointment when finding legendaries.

Most annoying voice lines: Mordecai (main game–he’s ok in the DLCs)

Blandest antagonist: Nisha


Although I dislike him a lot, he’s not nearly as irritating as Lilith. And she’s not even close to the single most useless, irritating and stupid character in the game. And that character is…

I really hate that guy!

With claws

I’d argue that the majority of the heads are pretty bad, but all the heads from Wattle Gobbler are hideous.

Worst action skill: (I can’t decide between these two, so I’ll call it a tie.) Buzz Axe Rampage and Deathtrap. Both of these really shine when you pick the right skills, but fact is that BxR is totally useless on Gun Krieg, and while DT can distract enemies, he’s really useless unless you go down the BFF tree.


At least Lilith and Mordecai have personality and side quests.
Roland just nags you about handsome Jack until he’s no longer able to. The most enjoyable thing to come out of Roland in the game is actually handsome Jack’s “milkshakes” echo


I second this. SO. MUCH.

Worst loot system ideas: Quest-reward only items and the fact that farming at level 80 can still drop level 78 and 79 weapons. WHY?!

Worst DLC: Sir Hammerlock


Supposed to be lol. Being like the only Aussie here, one of us will always lag, and I’ll usually die trying to save newbies. No fun for them standing outside the arena while I do the killing, nobody learns from that lol.

This. Why use any other Maliwan snipers when that exists? It’s so underrated :cry:


Worst things for me.

  1. As others have said, SLAG. Hate how it was implemented and doubly so how it became required on the last play through. Would have been much better if they had turned it into a bonus mechanic that wasn’t required but helped mainly in multiplayer.

Like maybe have it only last maybe 5 seconds tops and not be needed so that way you can maybe have a grenade put it on solo for a quick burst but nothing major or in multiplayer have a designated slagger to have a bonus in that. But make it not really a major thing past that.

  1. How gimmick guns were over the top on here. Didn’t seem right we had blues that completely destroyed the rest due to their gimmicks. Think the rarity and level should be more important than that.

  2. How they limited mechanics, I missed my explosive SMGs and sniper Rifles.

  3. How insanely things scaled to the point where your weapons needed to be changed every other level honestly.

  4. How useless most non-elemental guns became. Even if you specced for it. Honestly think they should have gave Axton’s skill a boost that would actually have his non-elemental guns at least come close to element matching after spending skill points into it. Not like it was applying the DOT or anything.

  5. OverPower levels. I hated these majorly. It destroyed the usefullness of some gear and methods of play, especially when combined with the life regen of the enemies on the last play through.

When the new DLC raised the cap, I honestly think they should have just left the cap at 80 with no over power levels passed that. It would have allowed the OP8 weapons to not have to be refarmed or edited in and would have opened up the other playstyles in a bit more. Not fun with everything health gates you on just about every hit. Healthcare gate shouldn’t even be a thing, let alone one that is relied on.

They could have turned the Peak after the DLC to maybe unlock a few more skill points, but not more OP levels.

  1. Having no ways to part out your guns to retool them at endgame. I understand farming your gear is part of the fun, but when you have some of them being quest gear you only get once a play through or low rate jobs, the ability to maybe go to Karima later and exchange cash or eridium to swap parts out to fine toon your guns would have been greatly appreciated. Maybe require the parts come from a gun you already have of equal level and quality so you have to farm them. But so annoying trying to farm Sandhawks, let alone multiple versions with the right parts.

Nuke, hands down the worst. With claws is to enjoyable for me to call the worst


With claws is great fun + free heals
Not to mention one hit clawing pyro Pete to death with 1000+ upshot robot stacks

Worst Gearbox weapon is that Hyperion SMG that has such unbeliveable starting recoil that it hasn’t even stabilized by the time your magazine runs out. Might even be the worst weapon in the whole game.
I’m talking about those guns you get when you start a new character with… some DLC downloaded. Can’t remember which.

Worst Bandit shield is Pot-o-gold.

Seraphs are really stupid with how you can’t do anything with them before UVHM and everything is too expensive for how much you get per guardian kill but I still consider Torgue tokens to be worse personally. The only new thing it brings on the table is Pocket Rocket. Those token are useful because of a couple of top Torgue weapons and that’s it.

Worst respawnable boss is Son of Mothrakk (BA Rexx is a close second).

Worst car is Technical with sawblades.

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Wow, I forgot that thing existed. Fortunately it’s so bad that nobody cared it dropped from a one time enemy. I wonder how many don’t even know of its existence?

Bad Maw. Drops nothing, twice the size of a badass nomad and not half as strong. Mad Mike close second.