BL2 worst things

Worst vault hunter - axton

Worst raider - maya

Worst action skill - gaige

Lol, funny isn’t it but most people in other forums believe this as is. :man_facepalming:


A single white Torgue shotgun everytime if I remember correctly.


Eternal Skeletaurs… Also known as “No Second Wind For You, Buster!”


I think Matter of Taste is a really fun side quest in that DLC. Beyond that agreed and I think the only other thing I like in the whole DLC is that one Torgue/Pete exchange that happens in the bar before you encounter Pete in the story.

I was going to go for worst flying enemy but they all royally suck. Now that I think about it, they all royally suck in BL1 and TPS too except maybe the flying Eridians in TPS. Hope we get better flying enemies in BL3.


Intentionally having to find / buy a crappy white gun because you’re overleveled due to side quests and your regular weapons one shot Beef Stick when you are trying to gently entice him to follow you to his guest of honour spot at the Tea Party.

Seriously, is the guy legally blind from huffing cheap bandit gasoline?

You can be dancing and jumping around right in front of him and he’ll ignore you completely, look around, and run back to his shack.


Also, Stalkers.

Always Stalkers.

Seriously, F Stalkers right in their invisible A.

I had literally ZERO shock gear this time.

A fire plasmacaster ended up doing the trick but that meant I had to stop using my shotgun and I was soooo close to completing Open Wide!

EXP Loaders can also go eternally corrode, Prometheus regenerating after the vultures eat him style, in a vat of acid.

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Seems to me we could just merge together the following threads!


Probably leave the skills one out(since it was more detailed), but it’s up to you


Flinter’s a Rat, and rats like loot- open the chest and the WC or leave a few old weapons on the ground and he’ll rarely bother you. OT:
Worst loot: tie between Capt Blade’s Midnight Star and Cracked Sash
Worst dlc: Sir Hammerlock- if not for the RR I’d never go there. Honorable mention to 3 of the 5 Headhunter Packs- does anyone ever return to any but the loot train and Son of Crawmerex?
Worst gun: Tie- the Wanderlust, the Madhous! and the Devastator
Worst raid boss: Vora, Vora and Vora- honorable mention to Dexi- and did I mention Vora because f#@% Vora :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:
Worst capstone skill- With Claws
Worst skill- Hellfire Halitosis
Worst mob enemy- rabid anything. Honorable mention- skeleton mages unless you’re Maya


Is this…is this true?

Bonus points for greek mythology reference and
Happy Birthday!


Thank you, thank you!

Happy Birthday Vault Hunter!.

Just some confession on the world wide web.



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Well- he won’t leave you TOTALLY alone but he will head straight for any loot that’s been dropped on the ground or that appears in the chest or WC- that should give just about any character plenty of time to put a decent hurting on him before he bothers to attack and by then it’s generally too late…



Do all rats do this?

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Except for the R.O.U.S. and the plague rats- it seems to be a universal behavior with the rest…


I’ve never been 100 percent certain, but I’m pretty sure that Rodents of Unusual Size is a reference to a side quest you receive in the original Fallout…


Princess Bride, bud. Along with the Flame Geysers and the Lightning Sand the ROUS’s are the dangers of the Fire Swamp. I suppose that could have been a reference to the original Fallout, but the book came out in 73. That book deserves all of the rereads. If you’ve not read it yet I feel you’re missing out. The movie is good too, but I think the book edges it out by a respectable margin.


Pretty sure that was Fallout 2, in Klamath


Yes right @1sirus2 and @paulothead

So that means that famously referential Fallout was referencing The Princess Bride (which I am clearly woefully unfamiliar with and have not seen in like 15 years).