bl2 WTF: lynchwood train kills me and I'm not even on the track

all in the header. noticed when I’m going down the stairs (above the tracks in the lynchwood station) I’m suddenly dead. finally figured out (after four instances of this, there went $100K) that it’s the train! get it that if I’m on the trax I deserve to be killed by a train–but when I’m just in the station?

wassup with that? anybody else get this glitch?


Yea this is a known bug. It’s entertainingly infuriating when you have no idea what’s happening. Been there.

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It’s a little odd that this train won’t kill enemies (where the trains in Tundra Express do kill enemies, for example), but it is pretty freakin’ funny watching the train knock them up to the sky box. Once I found this out (in a similar fashion), I just get out of there when I hear the train coming.

It happened to me also when i was outside of the train station, just above the tunnel’s exit.
Train went out and Rrreeesspaawwwnnn !!!

If you hear the train, HIDEEEEEE !

This happened to me once when I was near the dumpster. I was like WTF just happened? Never realized until now that is must have been the train. I thought the dumpster was bugged.

funny all the characters I’ve played through, I never had this happen–but it’s kool at least to know it is a documented bug.

I frequently mute the audio so as not to bug the spouse and didn’t realize that immediately after I spawn at lynchwood, the train comes through. now I know to be sure and get to the side and not be directly above the tracks.

thanx y’all,

Luckily money doesn’t really matter in bl2 so it is fine if you die, making these kinds of things more amusing than frustrating