BL2 Xbox One Running hot after recent update

Has anyone else noticed that following the recent large optimization updates that the running temp of their console has considerably increased ?? Prior to this update, I could play for hours and barely noticed the console getting warm let alone hot, now however even after just a few minutes it is getting HOT, noticeably so.

Frankly it’s quite worrying being able to notice such a difference. I haven’t played TPS since and only noticed this after the picking up the game again and having to install this large patch, when playing the console starts to get quite noisy from the fan where it never ever used too do this. Other games are having no problems whatsoever.

It hasn’t exactly broken anything, just a point and worrying one from my perspective, just wondering if anyone else has notice this also.

Regards, Fin.

I still haven’t bought the Handsome Collection, been waiting for all bugs to be sorted out and to verify whether or not I can back-up my game saves on an external drive the way I can on my Xbox 360. I ALWAYS back-up my game saves and my Xbox Live Profile to an external drive on a regular basis, because there’s STILL too many glitches in these games that can delete game save data. :unamused:

But with that said, I did buy what I consider to be the most important Xbox One accessory around: I bought a Nyko Intercooler the week it was released back in February. My 360 and One both have the Intercoolers attached to redirect the airflow out the front of my TV stand. But they’re also important to keep the system running cool enough, as Microsoft’s built-in fans don’t always run as often as they need to. :unamused:

It’s the easiest way to keep your system running at a safe temperature, and the easiest way to find it is to hit either Amazon, or eBay, as it’s still almost impossible to find the Xbox One Intercooler in a brick & mortar store.