and an iPad

I pretty much use my iPad everywhere now and I am trying to figure out how I can effectively use the skills calculator at I can tap on a skill just fine to add points. But I cannot remove any points added like you can on a PC with a right click.

This causes me to erase the entire build if I mess up with one point.

Has anyone figured out the right tapping sequence to remove a point at that site using an iPad? Alternatively, does anyone know a skill calculator that works better on the iPad?

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I haven’t tested it on a tablet, but @lowlines’ site has a pretty comprehensive skill calculator:

Note that you can select between all Borderlands titles using the drop-down menu.

Have you tried tapping with two digits simultaneously?

That’s how it works on my Macbook’s trackpad: Tap on a skill with a single digit to add points and tap it with two digits to remove points. The two digit tap is usually the equivalent of the right click on Apple products that don’t use a mouse, so maybe it’s the same on the iPad.

No go…crazy…site works great otherwise and has the additional skill points. Anybody know the dev?

Thanks! Will give it a try!

I am running into the same problem as the other site. I can add points easily with a tap but removing them seems impossible. There has to be something I missing. I emailed the site developer to see if he had any ideas. Nice site though…hope he can give me a solution. Thanks!

Richard Deveraux from the lowlidev site just contacted me… he is looking into it.

He has it set for mobile on phones…and that works fine…I just checked. But Tablets he is unsure of and checking. Nice he gave me such a quick response.

He’s a really good guy - he’s one of the people behind the community-led Battleborn day events.

Yeah sorry about that. I released this at the end of last year and have been pretty busy helping work on the official Borderlands Twitch extension ever since!

Hoping to get back on this and do some updates at some point. I’ll see if I can quickly get something working on tablets though!


Ok. So with a bit of hackery, I’ve enabled the mobile skill point modal on any devices that support touch events. I definitely want to do a better job with this in the future but the code is so old now and it is overdue for some refactoring. Hopefully this helps you @johnrr6! :slight_smile:

I’ve been learning a lot while helping build the official Twitch Extension so the skill trees on my website are going to benefit a lot once I finally get back onto it! :slight_smile:


You Sir…are da bomb!


OK…tested on iPad and Safari does not recognize the change…so still not working with the normal Apple stuff…Perhaps there is a setting in Safari I need to set.

However!! Downloaded the Google Chrome app for iPad…and your changes WORK! Thanks!!

One last thing…it will not total up the additional 8 skill points given by this latest DLC. I know you are horribly busy. Thanks for all the help!

Yeah you might have to clear your browser cache…It is another issue i’m hoping to fix when i get round to doing a refactor.



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Skill Points good now! Only thing I have problems with is the trees still cover each other and I do not get a full three tree view like your picture above. Nit Picking I know…but you are on a roll here…LOL


Yeah that’s intentional when the screen space is limited. You might have noticed that Borderlands 3 has actually gone that route. What I will probably do as part of the refactor is fallback to tabs like in the Twitch Extension. It’s a much nicer solution that what I came up with for the mobile version on my website.

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Got it…Design is nice!..

Dunno though…I kinda like an ultimate 3 tree view…perhaps an option…a button that combines all the trees that can be viewed easily and sent/shared??

Just an idea…your call. Thanks!

I wouldn’t object to the tabbed view on mobile with limited screen space. On desktop, it’s still nice to see the whole thing in one go though!