[BL3] 15 ideas for Borderlands 3 (short list)

1 - Graphics shouldn’t be #1 priority
Sure, make it a step up from BL2, but it doesn’t need to be the best looking game ever at expense of content.
2 - Allow players to create pre-leveled characters for 2nd playthrough (once its unlocked)
I shouldn’t have to beat the same game 4-6 times to make every character playable.
3 - Open world elements
Fallout 4 did that well. Areas behind loading screens (like indoor or secret entrances) are okay too but the more exploration, less barriers and loading, the better.
4 - Allow skilled players to impose a challenge
Allow players to use something like Skulls in Halo for tougher enemies and more loot.
5 - Make vending machines great again
Sell guns and shields at prices people would actually pay.
6 - Let the player create their own levels
Infinite replay value. Super Mario Maker and Portal 2 did it. You have to complete the level yourself to upload it tho.
7 - Colosseum Mode
Let players and their friends fight hordes of enemies in a 50 round battle royale.
8 - Don’t over-rely on early games
Characters in other games should have a limited role. Don’t stretch the old narrative too thin. Make a new exciting one.
9 - Make enemies and rewards in side quests scale
So you can do them whenever you want.
10 - Keep the jump boost from Pre Sequel
It was great.
11 - Make DLC Fair.
Unless it adds new levels, DLC’s should be $5 or less.
12 - Allow players to mod certain play files
Like Fallout 4’s modding mode on Xbox One.
13 - Have a level equalizer as an option in co-op
Friend becomes same level as you and EXP is earned at the same relative rate.
14 - Have warping accessible from the main menu
But only allow its use if you haven’t been damaged for 10 seconds.
15 - Don’t be trendy.
I can live without Mass Effect style dialogue.


Awwwww. This is a decent idea but I always feel the need to put them all on. I’m gonna die a lot :sweat:

Definitely not. This isn’t Super Mario Maker and I don’t want it to be. Let things be themselves

Seconded, although I wouldn’t want it again. It should have its own equally fun thing

I wouldn’t want this. I like the feeling of being traded and having to scavenge for my life

Everything else I concur with

désoler pour mon message français.
J’aimerais avoir une arme très rare ( orange ou une nouvel couleur comme arc en ciel ) qui s’appel " neko " ( ex : snip-neko, mitra-neko, pisto-neko ) qui a un petit dessin kawaii d’une fille neko et quand on tire, au lieu de bruit de balle, sa fait des miaulement de chat différent par rapport au type élémentaire ou de l’arme et quand on recharge notre perso dit " Kawaii !!! " moi je voudrais bien avoir une arme comme sa sur Borderlands 3.

personally I would like a mod support system similar to borderlands like a creation kit for borderlands which lets players design levels and guns.

So basically you just want them to become Fallout 4