BL3: A Month of Hotfixes - Thoughts

So, we are almost a month into the game and it is already 100% different from release. So many aspects have been changed for better or for worse, some hotfixes have really helped, but most of what the hotfixes came with really hurt the trust of the players and gearbox Fanbase.

Loot: I feel loot drops are now more appropriately balanced but still on the low side with in world activity. When you nerfed loot you made it so the the only way to effectively farm loot was to farm bosses. Granted the way the loot drops from bosses is more reasonable, but you are taking away a key element to doing sidequests and exploration on Mayhem 3. Questing and coming across tough enemies in Mayhem Mode should be equally as rewarding. In a future update I would recommend increasing the chances for world legendaries to drop off of world enemies. It may result in lots of legendaries, but so many people are all getting duplicates or useless guns for their characters anyway. The biggest pro out of this is it gives people incentive to get on and play the game, to see all the sidequests you put into the game, and to run around, have fun, explore.

Now, as for boss farming and loot. I personally killed the Graveward 200 times to find Earworm so far this boss week. I only found it once around kill 150… and haven’t seen it since. This has been a problem with many people. Your claims that specific bosses have higher chances of dropping specific loot but people are getting everything but. Boss week is almost over and it will be too late for many people to find a lot of what they are looking for. Personally I want to find a different or annointed Earworm and then move on to farming for Creeping Death. My advice though, is whenever you do Boss week again… make the specific drops common enough that everyone playing knows that boss week is going on. A lot of people have said if they weren’t told it was boss week they wouldn’t know it. That is definitely not a sign if a rewarding event.

Game Bugs: Gearbox has done really well fixing bugs and glitches. There is still a lot they need to work on, but I know they are working to address everyone’s problems, so I will leave them to it.

Character Nerfs and Buffs:
Zane- Buffing Zanes action skills was a really great move, he needed them. But he still needs some extra oomph. I am not sure what but compared to how OP the other 4 VHs are he still doesn’t seem as overly badass.

Amara- She really hasn’t been buffed or nerfed. She is a solid character. I play her as melee and I like it. I never use glamour personally but I feel Gearbox team is going through her skills and tweaking things appropriately as they see fit so I will leave it at that.

Moze: They nerfed means of destruction, which overall is a silly nerf. She throws grenades slower and gets them back slower. Which is fine because it doesn’t affect how I throw my grenades as I throw one on average every 2 seconds anyway. The biggest thing is the reduction to grenade proc respawn also currently affects ammo regen from it which hurts more. I sense another nerf coming for it. But when they nerf it (probably 3-5 second cooldown delay) they should fix the ammo so it doesn’t have a cooldown.

Fl4k: Their critical action skill build has been shattered. Or has it? They nerfed Guerillas of the Mist, yes. It no longer has any effective use during mobs, so when you have 3 hardened badasses and 2 anointed the skill is not your go to. But it is still effective against bosses if you prepare for it. Leave no Trace has been nerfed with a 2 second cooldown effectively making it the most useless skill on Fl4k. Oh well that gives you 3 more points you can put somewhere else. But let me tell you the crit build still exists, if not even better. Granted, you may not be burning bosses as quickly constantly, but I handpicked a new build that works for many situations. I have butchered bosses with guns that are not the Lyuda or the queen/kings call. It all depends on the boss and the modifier. The con of my build. It is not effective against all bosses. Any boss with immunity phase is out. The work around? During those bosses I switch from Fade Away to Rakk Attack.

Speaking of Rakk attack, the increase to 100% status effect is nice… but that’s all that it is. I roll with Fire rakks, healing, and increased rakks. They are good. But against enemies with shields, or armor, or immune or resistant to fire, they falter quickly on Mayhem 3. I feel like instead of having the augment for Cryo Rakks they should make that augment always spawn a random elemental version of the rakk. Radiation, Cryo, Corrosive, Shock. Leave the normal rakk fire. It would be more random sure, but at least it would give them a chance to be more effective in different situations.

Fl4ks pets. Gearbox knows they are weak… I am sure they will find some way to scale them to Mayhem eventually. But at this point I would hope before they nerf anything else on him they really rework his pet system to make them viable. This also goes for Moze too. If they want to make her weaker they need to take the time to make Iron Bear stronger.

So… a month into BL3… There are things they need to work on, but I can tell the team is dedicated to making the game a great experience for everyone. Keep up the good work everyone at Gearbox.


100% different from launch? No, not even close.


100% different may be an exaggeration but it’s also an expression. The point I was making is the landscape of the game has made drastic changes. Between Loot nerfs, character and gun balancing, bugs and glitches. Within a month Gearbox has shown that they are actively working on making their creation a great game.

And yet they barely touched any of their major issues: Storage, performance, lack of replayability (Story is just something have to plod along with,) No real endgame, no point farming. Also whats the point of coming to enjoy a certain playstyle if its just gonna get gutted in a few patches?

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but, it hasnt been a month yet