BL3 account question

Is it possible to use the same account while playing on pc and console?

I’m asking because I’ve preordered the game for PC (from EGS) but am also planning on playing co-op with a friend on his xbox. I’ curious if I can somehow login to my account on his console and play that way.

Linking of accounts is already possible here (shift vs psn, xbox, steam etc) but seeing that the steam acc is seperate from for example the psn account, I am assuming that is not an option at the start?

Would be interested to see if anyone knows more about this as well!

No crossplay at launch if it’s what You mean.

Edit: If You mean buying game at Epic store and then play with it at Xbox it’s also not possible.

i think you answered it… so I have to have a copy of the game on console to play it on console?

Of course.